July 2012

July 2012
Hi Guys

For those of you that read this on a regular basis, you'll be stunned that this month's entry is on time!

It's been a busy July with filming on EastEnders, various castings, corporate stuff and a host of family weddings, theatre shows, swimming galas and various courses.

August shows no sign of a let up with the ITFC season about to start (a first home game against Blackburn) and a long weekend away a couple of weeks after that as we take on Blackpool, I hope it's a nice sunny weekend as it's the bank holiday as well.

The Olympics and the Harry Potter tour loom on the horizon and I'm so excited to be visiting both of these. The races we have tickets for are all finals (apart from the men's 200m semi) in the Olympic stadium, so we'll be fortunate enough to see the worlds top athletes at the top of their game competing for the ultimate goal – a gold medal.

Harry Potter at Leavesden studios is a dream come true for me. I guess you have to be a Potter fan to really appreciate it – which I am, so I cannot wait. I've loved the books and films, so to be walking around the actual sets, visiting the leaky cauldron to drink butter beer and buying a wand at Ollivanders, is out of this world.

My golf continues to go from strength to strength but it's a frustrating game and inevitably I end up losing lots of golf balls and occasionally bending a club as I hit something in frustration. I was asked by some friends to go and play a Ryder cup course in the UK with them but I have politely declined until my game gets a bit better!

So onto EastEnders, I will be posting some photographs onto the site shortly and will upload the appearance into the TV clips section when it is shown in September. Because of confidentiality I can't say a great deal about it, apart from, I play a character called Dave Pritchard who is in 2 episodes (5 scenes). The part is not a big one but it's a lot bigger than the last time I did Easties back in 2003.

I never get a real sense of belonging when I've been there, which is a shame. Many other places make you feel so welcome and really look after you but twice now, I've left Borehamwood/Elstree thinking – I wouldn't like to do this show permanently. The people were nice but not friendly and you're pretty much left to your own devices.

That said, the people I actually worked with were lovely and the fabulous Richard Lynn (our director) was a real joy, very focussed on what needed doing and is someone I would love to work with again.

I also met the legend that is – Jamie Foreman, a true gentleman who went out of his way to say hello and goodbye to me, which was really quite humbling.

Thanks must also go to Marc Elliott who I did the bulk of my scenes with, another gentleman who made me feel welcome.

I guess, reading this back, it's not so much the cast, but the crew and buildings themselves that make it what it is. Anyway it's done now (in the can) and we wait to see how it's been edited together for transmission.

I do know I get the famous EastEnders drumbeats at the end (or very nearly, as they end on Marc), which is fab.

Anyway, I'm going to love you and leave you, as I'm off for a run now.

Speak to you all again in the first few days of September and don't forget you can follow me on a daily basis on twitter @john burtons

Take care

John xxxx