October 2012

Hi Guys

As you know, these diary entries are always written in arrears, so it is now mid November as I write the October entry.

Much like Septembers entry, there isn't a whole lot to tell.

Due to a number of personal matters and logistical reasons, I have had to put my career on the back burner for a couple of months. I guess if I'm honest, it's not going to return to some sort of normality until the New Year.

There may be some sporadic bits ‘n' pieces, but I am now focussed on bringing this year to a close, enjoying Christmas with the family and doing all the stuff everyone loves to do at this special time of year.

I will get one more entry in (I will actually try to do two) for definite, which will be written in early December for November and I'll try to post another around Christmas Eve for the December entry.

It's a silly thing to say, but I'll say it anyway, this year has absolutely flown by and I cannot believe we are only 6 weeks away from Santa delivering all his presents – fabulous!

There's a myriad of great films coming out in the next few months, I'm desperate to see, including – Skyfall, Les Miserable's, Nativity 2, Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 2, Iron man 3, Jack Reacher and The Hobbit.

First one to cross off will be Twilight, which I'm watching this week, I've loved the series as much as I did Harry Potter and I gather there's a massive twist, so I'm looking forward to getting into the cinema.

Football is something I always talk about on here, for those of you who read these entries regularly, you will know I am a massive Ipswich Town fan (season ticket holder) but things have not been great for us this season. That said, we have a new manager (2 wins out of 3) and a trip to Leicester City to contend, hopefully we've now turned the corner and can start climbing the table.

Anyway, I'm off to finish my tax return now, so I can give it to Kate this week. It's late again (like last year) but she will work her magic and get it to HMRC before the deadline.

Until next time …

John x