February 2013

Hi Guys

Well, here it is, Februarys entry for the website, up and loaded into the system, nice and early in the month!

To be honest, there's not a lot for me to say. Whether it's because February is a short month, or things haven't happened generally, I don't know.

Ultimately and following on from last months entry, I didn't hear a thing about Scott and Bailey, so it was, as I predicted, a job lost for me.

I spent 3 days up in Manchester doing what actors do best – hanging around in the green room, drinking coffee, talking and watching TV you wouldn't normally watch.

When I mentioned last month, my role on Corrie being small, I wasn't wrong. My scene was shot on steadicam (a moving camera rather than a static one), mostly to the back of my head. It took around 20 minutes to shoot and was completed in one take. I'm not going to watch the episode on this occasion, as it really is a tiny part with a couple of lines. I'm a bit embarrassed even talking about it, considering all the stuff I have on my CV.

That said, as I said last month, it was an honour to be asked back, ultimately they could have cast someone else or asked someone else and I would have been gutted. It's not about what I do, or even what other cast members do, it's about the show, its success and its longevity. Coronation Street is an institution and long may it remain so.

Well, I'm going to hit the road now as I have loads to do that isn't career related, so I'll sign off and speak to you all again in a few weeks time.

Take special care

John xxx