January 2013

Hi Guys

As I write the January entry, we're already into the month of February.

Firstly, I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year. I know I did!

It was a wonderful family affair with lots of food, booze and great company. As usual, I lost money to the bookies on Boxing Day, but it was still great fun and I had the fortune of knowing I was going on holiday the next day, so it wasn't all bad.

Sharm el Sheikh was fabulous, as always. It was our 3rd visit to the area, but this time we went to a different hotel and (luckily) had a swim up room. The food, entertainment, weather and overall experience were fabulous.

We probably would have gone again this year, but we've decided to go back and visit an old friend instead! – The big apple beckons, so it'll be thermal vests, hats, socks, gloves etc!

On a professional front, some good news, I've been asked back into Coronation Street to reprise my fireman role.

Before you get too excited, it's a TINY cameo, but once again, part of a massive storyline.

Although it's only a couple of lines, to be asked back, is such a privilege and honour, I'm not going to complain.

A recent meeting hasn't transpired into a job and I'm gutted, I couldn't have done it any better, so that's some consolation I guess?

As I write, I've heard nothing and it was over a week ago. I'm pretty sure if I had been successful, I would have heard by now, so it's a case of another one bites the dust.

I can't say a lot, as I'm a true professional, but it was a nice part, and an integral part of the episode.

Oh well, maybe next time?

Take special care.

John xx