January 2014

Hi Guys

It's the start of a new year and as I write the January, we are already into February and staring down the barrel into March. I have no idea where time goes, but as I get older, it seems to be speeding up with every passing day and month.

Father Brown was transmitted this month and I was really pleased with how it turned out, although my part was not huge, the character seemed to fit in well with the existing cast members. Confirmation has been given it will be returning in January 2015 with 15 new episodes and I really hope I will be asked back for some of them, we will wait and see, but I'll keep you posted if anything gets flagged up or phone calls are made.

Christmas was lovely, but New York was blooming FREEZING!! Although we had a lovely time and got upgraded on the flight and at our hotel, the cold weather made everything so difficult, especially when going in and out of buildings, having to take off, or put on, multi layers of clothing, still, it's a special place and despite the cold weather, we loved it.

There's nothing else of importance to mention, apart from wishing you all a happy new year and to tell you I'll be back in a couple of weeks time to post up the January entry.

Be good

John xxx