July 2014

Hi Guys

As I write this, I'm embarking on a 2-week break from Father Brown, I cannot believe we are 13 weeks in and have 9 episodes completed.

The next block of scripts arrived by email yesterday and I'm so disappointed, because, although I'm in several scenes, I say absolutely nothing, I'm just there, in the background. It is so frustrating and down heartening when you have such a great CV and have done so many things in your career, that you're just in the shot, saying & doing nothing.

The show is so good, the cast are so fabulous and we have such a lovely crew and production team that you don't want to moan or say anything, but, I just wish I had more to do and he developed into a much more mainstream character, like the other regular cast, maybe I should be grateful that I'm working at all and ultimately it's down to the writers, if they don't write the character words and sentences to say, he can't say anything – I'm still gutted though!

Anyway, aside from Father Brown, I've got some great things to look forward to, we are off to the Coronation Street tour, we have a day out at Alton Towers, we have afternoon tea and a visit to Windsor Castle along with some night racing at Windsor races and maybe a few days out in Marbella, if we can get some cheap flights.

The headshots were completed a little while ago and look great, they should be uploaded onto the website shortly. I'm having some issues with my webmasters, but hopefully these will be sorted soon and the new shots, along with some new videos, will be available to view, sooner, rather than later.

For anyone who fancies a sneak peek in advance, here's the link to the headshots


And here's a link to have a look at the new showreel, it's got some great stuff on it, so hopefully you'll like it.


Well. I'm going to shoot off now as I have fish to clean out, a dog to walk, car to clean etc.

Until next time

John xx