May 2014

Hi Guys

Well. I promised you some exciting news and I'm delighted to tell you that I have been asked back onto Father Brown as a series regular for season 3, appearing in all 15 episodes being transmitted in January 2015.

Not only is this a huge honour, but also means I am in work until mid October (now my bank manager, accountant and the man from the inland revenue will be my best friends!)

The producers obviously like the character I play and this season have written him up a bit, so I'm appearing in more scenes with additional dialogue, which is fantastic.

Tom (Chambers) and I have a great onscreen chemistry and the feedback I've had about the scenes we've already shot has been brilliant.

So, there it is, news shared, it's going to be difficult not writing about what I've done already or what I'm working on, but as I'm sure you'll appreciate, I can't say or do anything until the episodes have transmitted.

So, keep checking back for the odd nugget or gem and if I can share anything with you, I will.

Right, I'm off to get some new headshots done by my fabulous photographer Andrew, hopefully they will look more like me than the original ones done in 2010 (4 years older and it's showing!)

Until next time, take care

John xx