October 2014

Hi Guys

I'm writing this later than I would have liked, as I've been away on holiday and only recently returned.

It's weird because I like to take 4 holidays a year but with my commitment on Father Brown, I have been unable to do that, however, I am managing to fit another week in the sun before the year is out, returning back to the island we've just left (I guess we must like the place), so straight after the Boxing Day festivities (horse racing, food, drink and games etc), we'll fly out for New Year celebrations in sunny climes – lovely.

No work offers or meetings have come in since Father Brown, but that could be down to my holiday dates and Philippa not being able to submit me for things, in case of clashes.

I did pop down to London yesterday though, for a lovely meeting with Jill Green, Francesca and Andy, who were some of the nicest people I've ever met. It makes doing the job a whole lot easier if people are friendly. All too often in this business we meet people who are unkind, unresponsive, uncaring and don't put you at ease, these 3 were totally the opposite and even if nothing comes of it, it was an absolute honour to be called in to read for the West End production of “War Horse”.

Things seem very quiet for me at the moment, it tends to be like this at this time of year, especially in theatre. If you're not doing pantomime, then it's very rare that you'll be working (unless it's West End) as 99% of regional theatres have Christmas shows on, things start getting back to normal again in February, but I can't wait that long.

Hopefully there'll be some television meetings in the coming weeks, I'd like to start getting seen for some really nice stuff, but nothing's happening yet.

I'm thinking of having an overhaul/redesign of the website, it's 7 years old now and probably could do with it, however, some of the companies I'm talking to, want to charge me exorbitant amounts and I'm not prepared to pay it. It will happen, I just need to find someone who's considerably cheaper!

Right, that's it for another month.

Take care

John xx