September 2014

Hi Guys

As I write this September entry, I am coming to the end of Father Brown, which has been part of my life since late April. It's scary to think where time has gone, it seems like yesterday that Tom and I had the opening scene of the whole shoot in glorious sunshine, and we had the whole of the summer to look forward to as well – I'm guessing it's an age thing!

I've loved my time on FB, as I've mentioned previously, I don't have a lot of dialogue and I feature in many scenes where I say nothing at all, however, the cast, crew, locations and production staff make going to work a joy, so it's been a real blast and kept me occupied for a good chunk of the year, now it's time for a well deserved holiday with the girls, then back to the grindstone of trying to secure another job.

Away from work, I had a lovely weekend with the girls in London, we watched the new production of Miss Saigon, ate and drank far too much, but, had a fabulous time. We also managed to catch Billy Elliot Live, which was also fantastic. We've seen both shows several times before, but like a lot of musical theatre, they never seem to tire or lose their magical sparkle, now THAT'S the quality of a top West End show.

My agent and I have discussed the opportunity for me to play Billy's Dad, but things have never quite got going on that front, it's a part I would love to play and a part I think I could do well, maybe we need to start having that conversation again soon.

All my favourite TV shows have drawn to another season close, including Ray Donovan and Banshee, however, Sons of Anarchy is currently airing its final season in the states and I download it every Wednesday after transmission, there's only 7 episodes to go, which is a real shame. The Walking Dead however, starts a new season again shortly, so that's something I will really look forward to. Some of the drama being broadcast via Sky at the moment is immense and of such high quality, you wonder if it can get any better.

Well, that's it for another month, I thought I'd be ahead of the game for a change, as normally the entries are late, I'm off to watch The Riot Club now and then head to the golf range to blast a bucket of balls, before having some lunch. It's nice to be a man of leisure occasionally, but I wouldn't want to be doing it for too long!

Until next time, take care

John xx