August 2009

Hi Guys

You may have noticed that several months of entries have disappeared from the diary section of the website

This is because the site has been hacked into and slowly but surely started to be demolished (why would anyone want to do that or get a kick out of doing it?)

Anyway, it is still not right – hopefully in the next few days it will be back to some normality – the tech guys are working on it but I have lost those diary entries (and they were good ones as well!)

My thanks go out to the Turk who has done this, why could you not have picked on someone else?

Anyway, no use going over old ground – what's done is done and there aint a whole lot I can do about it!!

I have just been offered a role in a new feature film entitled “Blitz” that stars Jason Statham and is due for a full cinema release early next year – it is being produced by Lionsgate films and although the part isn’t huge – it is a feature film and my name will roll with the credits.

I was hoping to give you some REALLY good news but it has not panned out so I will not dwell on it.

I am off now for a well deserved sunshine break so will catch up with you all on the September entry (provided Turk has not totally decimated the site by then!)

Be good

John xx