February 2011

Hi Guys

Another month and another diary/blog entry!

It has been an absolutely manic month in February but sadly no work and only one commercial casting for Sharwoods.

It was quite ironic really, as a lot of you will already know, I am a fully qualified chef and cook regularly when I am “in between jobs” or “resting” (which has been a lot over the past few years!), so I thought when they advertised for actors with advanced culinary skills, I would be in with a great shout.

Guess what………nothing, not even a recall!!

I have a bit of history with this type of thing and have been seen over the years for at least 3 or 4 jobs, which needed “real” chefs and have never got the job, as I said, quite ironic, really.

The football is a bit “hit and miss” at the moment, I truly thought a couple of weeks ago that ITFC would be pushing for a play off place (especially after the 6-0 win over Doncaster) but 2 disappointing draws against Barnsley and Hull and losses against QPR and most recently Portsmouth, have not helped in our quest for the holy grail, keep the faith, some of my mates have said – I will, but it is waning!

I spent a really nice weekend in Yorkshire visiting the family, an afternoon at Betty's tearooms and a gorgeous meal at Vivido made for something really memorable. I don't get to see the folks as often as I would like but I will be up there twice more in the coming weeks for the Leeds United game and a family wedding respectively, so they will be seeing rather more of me than usual.

I have just received the Coronation Street 50th anniversary DVD which covers the whole week of the tram crash episodes plus loads of behind the scenes footage and how we created the live episode.

Yours truly can be seen in 3 of the 5 episodes along with bits and bobs of me behind the scenes which includes the read through of the live episode with all the cast.

I am told it's available in most shops and on line, if you're interested it's called “Tram Crash” (well, it would be wouldn't it!!).

My thanks to all the people who have sent me emails over the past month, I don't know why, but there have been loads and I WILL get round to answering them as soon as I can, I PROMISE.

Oh, one other thing. The release date for ‘Blitz’ (the Jason Statham movie I worked on over 2 years ago!) has now been confirmed for May 6th 2011. It is a ‘blink and you’ll miss me’ role (which may well be on the cutting room floor anyway!!). For those of you interested I have put the link below for the films trailer, it actually looks pretty damn good!!


As always, if there's anything of note before the next diary entry in early April, I will add it to this month's entry with a STOP PRESS.

Take care

John x