January 2011

Happy New Year!!

It's always difficult to decide at what point in the year you stop saying this.

Do you say it to people when you see them again for the first time?

That doesn't really work if you only see someone in August and say “happy new year”, you'd look daft.

I think I can just about get it away with it for this entry though.

January has come and gone so here's a little bit about the latter part of December and the month in question….

Gutted is an understatement when it came to the dreadful weather at the back end of December – it disrupted everything, including my beloved horse racing on Boxing Day!

We even had problems getting away to the Red Sea with some lengthy delays and unusually wet and stormy weather whilst we were there – the world is going mad. Still at least we didn't see any white tipped or maco sharks!!

As always, I tend to talk about my love of ITFC and I was gutted when we went out of the league cup against Arsenal at the Emirates, we had taken a 1-0 lead to the London venue and lasted into the early part of the second half, (30 minutes from a dream final at Wembley and a huge payout!) but it wasn't to be.

I am off to Pride Park tonight and hopefully we can get ourselves a win and start to climb the table. I have some great games coming up including a home tie with the enemy in April and an away tie against Leeds in March, both of which will involve making a weekend of it, in the respective locations.

I was seen for a nice part on Law and Order UK but despite doing my very best and it going down to the wire, I lost out to another actor (it boiled down to just me and him, in the end), I am sure he will enjoy working on what is one of my favourite shows currently on the TV.

I think my stats on the website have either corrupted or gone insane, last time I looked there were 24 people who had spent 1 hour plus on the site (and they were unique visitors!), that's surely got to be wrong.

One last thing, if you're in Birmingham on the 26th March, come along and support Equity (the actors union) in their quest to stop huge arts cuts being enforced by government and local councils, by marching peacefully around the city – the more voices, the better – you don't have to be an actor to protest! More details on this event in next month's entry.

Well, until next month, all the very best and take special care

John x