September 2009

Hi Guys

As I write this I am firmly ensconced in the Virgin lounge at Euston station and thought I might as well make this entry whilst I wait for my train back home.

August was a strange month to say the least but I think we finally sorted out the problem with the hacker (see last months entry!) and fingers crossed have managed to shut and bolt the back door that he was gaining access by.

I completed filming on “Blitz” which was a job that I really didn’t enjoy – for a number of reasons.

It would be unethical of me and extremely unprofessional to state the exact nature of why I did not enjoy working on the film so we will draw a line through the project and say no more, just one thing though – the other actors who worked with me will know exactly what I am talking about and they too had the same (if not stronger) feelings as me.

I had a meeting for Eastenders, it was a fantastic part that was over four episodes, the character was called “Isaacs” and I would have loved to have been offered it but it was not to be for whatever reason. It was the first time that I have ever left a meeting and thought “I couldn’t have read that any better”.

Who knows why actors don’t get roles? Suffice to say, although I was bitterly disappointed, I know I gave it my all and the role has obviously gone to someone who was more suited to it than me – these things happen.

I also auditioned for the BBC drama “Hustle” which didn’t exactly go to plan either – a long arduous trip to London (where I am now writing this) for 2 lines (one out of shot) that I have not a hope in hell of being offered.

I knew it was only 2 lines but I was banking on them to let me read for a slightly bigger, more meatier role – I asked if I could read for something/anything else and was told in no uncertain terms …….NO!!!!!

I have a great CV and loads of experience but even now when you get the knock backs it is bloody hard to deal with and as I get older the kicks in the teeth hurt more and more and become even harder to take.

For those of you not in the business – imagine going to strings of interviews on a regular basis, knowing you are perfect for the job, excelling at the interview, getting positive feedback about how well you did and then being told – “sorry, not on this occasion”

I think I need another holiday ………

Be good and thanks for all the emails and I will do my best to answer these in the next 7-10 days.

Until next time

John x