March 2016

Hi Guys

I write this from the Crown Court as I wait to be called back for my continued jury service, again I can't say anything about it (my whole life seems to be like this, when I go back and check previous entries, that's all I seem to say – so I'm sorry) as it would be foolhardy for me to do so, not to mention against the law!

Once the case is in the public domain and has concluded, I can share some stuff with you, but until then, I'll have to keep schtum!

I had a lovely holiday in the Canary Islands, despite the weather not being too clever, it's the first time (in over 15 years) I can remember it being overcast with most days being very cloudy and very windy. Because the sun couldn't get through the thick black clouds and the wind was blowing, people were sat around the pool with blankets – which is not ideal.

We had a few hours of sun here and there, but on the whole the weather was poor, which was a shame, so we hired a car, drove around the island and still had a nice time, despite the lack of sunshine. I guess there's only one thing for it – book another holiday!

Work is bubbling along nicely with a host of projects that I'm involved with, I've just finished a really nice shoot for an old friend of mine – Sean, who asked me to do a small presenting job for the NFU, it's always nice to help people out if I can as he has done so much for me in my career, with a whole host of things that he excels in, plus, it was fun to do and didn't take up too much time, so everyone was a winner – including the NFU.

Oh well, I'd better crack on as they've come in to take us back to court, so until next time, take care.

John xxx