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December 2016

Hi Guys

Well another year draws to an end and I wasn't able to keep my promise about updating this section of the website on a monthly basis, which is disappointing, however, I have got around to writing this final entry of 2016 and can share some nice little memories with you of what's been a lovely year for me.

From a career perspective, I managed to bag a guest lead on Doctors which I really enjoyed doing and is now up on the website, next was a nice part on the BBC drama Lawful Killing – the Mark Duggan story, which was shown only a couple of weeks ago to critical acclaim and public outcry, I won't get into the politics of it all, but hope you enjoyed what was a hard hitting programme, the clips from this will be up on the site early in 2017.

Father Brown series 5 is in the can as well and will transmit with a Christmas special on the 23rd December with 14 more episodes shown daily from the 2nd January 2017. I don't think any of us involved with the show could've hoped for such a great date to transmit this episode as close to Christmas as it could possibly be, it's a wonderful script with a great cast and lots of snow, so I really hope you enjoy it!

I think this series is the best yet, it has a new feel to it and has some fabulous guest artists who include Dean Andrews, Martin Kemp, John Sessions, Elizabeth Berrington, Ray Coulthard, Vicky Entwhistle, Danny Webb, Steve Furst, Maddy Hill, Ian Reddingon, Chloe Howman and many more, we are extremely lucky to have actors of this calibre who want to come and work with us and they are always a delight to be around.

I was also seen for a few things that didn't pan out for me which is disappointing, but maybe they happen for a reason?

They were – Mount Pleasant, Moorside and Emmerdale (which was an absolute disaster by the way!), we will see what 2017 brings.

I'm off now for Christmas and really looking forward to a well-deserved break with the family before heading off for a week in the sun (hopefully) from the 27th December.

May I take this opportunity to thank all the casts, crews, producers and directors of the various things I was involved with in 2016 and to you too for reading the entries and coming onto the website to have a look at what's going on.

Finally, a big thank you to Ashley, my fabulous agent at Cole Kitchenn (along with his assistant Charlie) who kept me going through the good times and the bad, encouraging me and supporting me whenever I needed it.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that 2017 is a fantastic year for you all.

I'll speak to you again in January, so until next time.

John xxx

June 2016

Hi Guys

My apologies for not writing the last couple of month's entries on time, it's just laziness on my part, but at least I’ll make amends today.

I hope you managed to see the Doctor's episode I mentioned a few months ago, I was pleased with how it transmitted as you have no artistic control about the editing process and are wholly reliant on the director and editor coming up with a great final piece, it was quite hard hitting and the subject matter of adoptive child care was handled well.

The other project I was involved with has still not been given a transmission date which is disappointing as we shot it a long time ago, I don’t know if there are some legal issues they’re trying to get over, but as yet, I still don’t have any news.

As you know I was summoned to be a juror and was assigned to 2 different jury's, the first was a rape case and the second was a handling stolen goods case, talk about an eye opener, I found the whole thing really interesting and I’d have no hesitation in doing it again, I was also fortunate to be asked to deliver the verdict as jury foreman!

There are plenty of things going on at the moment, but I’ll save the bits n bobs for a later date, it’ll give you something to read in the leaner months.

Until next time, take care.

John xxxxx