December 2003

It is the first few days of December and Christmas is well and truly on its way – I can’t believe it.

At the moment I am trying to get ready, buying prezzies etc, but it sure aint easy !!!

Only 2 castings in November, both commercials and funnily enough, both for motor vehicles!!

Neither panned out, but the world of commercial casting is a bit hit and miss, and to be honest it is all about the luck of the draw.

Thank you so much for the e mails I received after CASUALTY, 12 in total, so many kind words and compliments, I cannot thank you enough.

Don’t forget, Friday 5th December on BBC1, final appearance in ALL ABOUT ME. !!!

Finally to all those people out there who are kind enough to post comments and emails to me, a very merry Christmas to you all and I truly hope that 2004 brings you everything you wish for.

Until next year

Take Special Care

John xxxxx

November 2003

Well Guys, it’s like this …..

I have been back for a month now from sunny florida, and I have done absolutely nothing!!!

It has been a real quiet month for me – probably the quietest in my entire career.

I was asked to go down to meet people for a pantomime in Exeter, but unfortunately it did not work out.

Most actors tend to be quiet at this time of year (unless they have sold their souls to the devil to do panto!!!!) so I am not at all bitter.

Don’t forget the airing of CASUALTY this month, and the second episode that I am in on ALL ABOUT ME, there is also that infamous REDROW commercial running every 20 minutes on SKY !!

Halloween has come and gone, Bonfire Night is here, and Christmas is looming (There is loads to do !).

Be good and we will speak again soon.

John xxx
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October 2003

Hiya guys

Well I am back after a well derserved vacation break, feeling refreshed and raring to go once more.

I am writing this in my office at home, as opposed to internet cafes (where they have been written before).

I have just bought a wonderful laptop computer, and got connected up with a great printer/scanner and an internet account at home.

Florida was wonderful fun and absolutely roasting with temperatures always in the high 90’s.

We swam with dolphins at Discovery cove, rode rollercoasters and numerous other rides at all the parks, did flume rides at the disney waterparks and spent a fortune on gifts, levis, trainers, CD’s etc.

Lets just say that after 3 weeks in the good ol USA we were totally “theme parked out”.

For the 5 people that emailed me about my apperances in “All about Me”, this series starts on Friday 10th October on BBC1.

I am in episode 2 entitled “Green eyed Monster”, only one line to say, but it got a great response from the audience, and I am in episode 7 (I think), entitled “Lads night in/Quiet night in”, just check the listings mags and you will find me in the credits, so then you will know.

I can’t be much more helpful with Casualty, I am afraid, 2 different people emailed me about this and all I can say is that it is on in November, and entitled “Second Best”, again check those mag listings!!

Well thats about it, lets hope that I am busy for the month of October, there is still that holiday to pay for!!

Take special care

John xxxx
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September 2003

This part of the site will be updated with all of the happenings in August and September, on or around October 3rd.

Check back then for loads of gossip, news etc!!

Take care for now
John xxxxx
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August 2003

A fairly slow month in August.

I completed my scenes on Casualty in Bristol which were great. I really hope you guys like them, there is a lot of drama, tears and anger mixed with family bonding and blood, lots of it!!

The episode is on in November and called SECOND BEST

I went for 3 commercial castings during the month, all of them awful.

The first for Mcdonalds was all improvosation, which I love, and of all of them, that went the best.

Another commercial was for the Co Op (do they do adverts!!), where they were running late and had no one to play the girl opposite me, so I had to act opposite a geezer! – still thats all part of the fun so who cares!!

And finally one for Austrian TV, playing William Tell in an Insurance Company commercial ( no, honestly!!!!!)

No theatre, or tv interviews were offered up, and I so want to tour again with a decent play, – I would love to be back on the road again.

To those of you who have emailed me, I shall speak to Jeremy (my agent) and see if anything is in the pipeline.

I would like those of you in the various cities who write, see me perform live on the stage, thanks for the supportive emails, if I get a contract touring, you will all get to know – PROMISE!!!

Florida calls in less than 5 weeks and I cannot wait, three weeks in the sun with the family and a private session booked to go swimming with dolphins at discovery cove, what a blast.

You all take care and I will speak again soon

John xxxxx
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July 2003

After the trials and tribulations of last month, things are finally starting to get back on an even keel.

Good news in that the REDROW HOMES commercial will run for another year and maybe continue after that!!

I attended an interview at the BBC for an episode of CASUALTY and on reading the script decided that even if I had been offered the role I would not have accepted it.

I was asked back down again a week later to read for a different part in another episode which was fantastic, it is actually the guest lead in the episode, so I have jumped at the chance to play DEAN FORSTER in the new series which starts in September.

Because of confidentiality I cannot give away any details, but the character is fantastic and appears in nine good scenes.

My thanks to Catherine and Glen for bringing me back in and more importantly to MARK JOBST the director who had the final say along with Mal etc etc.

I filmed 2 scenes yesterday and MARK is one of the finest directors I have worked with, we have some really good stuff in the can and all I will say is there is a hell of a lot of blood!!!

I am away in Bristol for the first week of July completing the episode and then fly out to Marbella for a well deserved break.

An opportunity to be seen for BILLY ELLIOT the musical came about but they wanted someone who could do a genuine Newcastle accent, I decided not to attend as I would have sounded like a Welsh Canadian Indian. Sometimes you have to know your limitations!!!

Anyway to all of you who have sent messages recently, thank you, and I promise I will get round to answering them on my return from Spain.

Until next time, take special care.

John xxx
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June 2003

A sad month for me this month, and one I would like to forget.

Normally happy notes are written here, but work linked with personal problems made May a difficult month for me – lets hope June brings happier news.

My role on GRASS had to be relinquished as it clashed with some other filming I was already commited to – unfortunately the production was tied in to certain dates for filming at a prison in HAM East London, and despite everyones best efforts, these could not be changed, hence my reluctant departure from the production.

I had an interview in mid May, again at the BBC, playing a character called GEOFF in the new series of 15 STOREYS HIGH.

On this occasion they thought I was too aggressive for the part and it was not offered to me – the brief said- a shaven headed thug whose first words uttered on screen are ” Oi, get back here you little fu**er*” make your own mind up – but that sounds aggressive to me!!

No other interviews were forthcoming so it was a fairly quiet month – but hey thats the business and those entering know what it is like – you can’t be busy all of the time.

I finished up filming ALL ABOUT ME and that was great fun especially working in front of a live studio audience (see previous months for details) and I made some great new friends which is always good in this catty business!!

All this pales into comparison however with the dreadful news that my cousin passed away last week at the age of six years old with cerebal and cranium problems, and although I had not seen him for some time, I am deeply deeply upset by the loss at such an early stage in his life, and the hole it must have created for his parents.

No names are mentioned as this a private family matter, but my thoughts are with him and them at this truly difficult time.

To all of you who log in to this site, thanks for your continued support and “hits”, and I wish you all a lovely warm sunny month of June.

Take special care
John xxxxx
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May 2003

Wow it’s May already, can you believe it.

Its my birthday on the fourteenth of this month and at long last I am starting to feel like an old man.

I won’t give my age away, but those who know me, know what door I am knocking on this time around!!!

It has been a great April with yet more interviews etc, jobs and some surprises as well.

Apart from the glorious weather throughout April, I had a wonderful opportunity to audition for the part of MACBETH in an open air production held within some castle ruins – amazing!!!!

The interview went really well and I had to do (of course!) the “is this a dagger I see before me” speech.

It was great to be able to get back into the heart of theatre and try my hand at Shakespeare again – the last time I did any Shakespeare was 2 years ago when I toured in a MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM, playing BOTTOM (He is an arrogant, extrovert, chauvanist – so that part was written for me!!!)

Alas the part of MACBETH went to someone else more deserving on this occasion, and it has a wonderful ensemble of Soap Stars including :- Glynnis Barber (Night and Day) playing Lady Macbeth, and Mark Homer (Eastenders) playing Macduff.

Good luck to all concerned – I will see you on opening night!!!!!!

April was also good for me as I was asked to go down to the BBC to read for a new series called GRASS.

This is about a character who witnesses a murder and is placed into witness protection.

I have taken up the offer to play DI JOHN LESTER in the series, along with SIMON DAY (from the FAST SHOW) who will play BILLY BLEACH.

We had a full cast read through in Maida Vale last week which was great fun and I start work on the show in the next couple of weeks.

Prior to that of course in early May, I am back at PINEWOOD shooting another episode of ALL ABOUT ME.

Away from the business, home life is wonderful, and my heartfelt thanks to an old colleague for a really nice email that touched the heart strings – you know who you are – so all the very best!!!

Until next time, hope you had a great Easter, and I will speak to you all again shortly.

Take special care

John xxx
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April 2003

Well here we are again with yet another update this time for the month of March 2003.

A fairly busy month for me completing filming on EASTENDERS at Elstree, joining the cast of ALL ABOUT ME at Pinewood and attending interviews for HOLBY CITY and the Christmas Special of WHERE THE HEART IS.

Firstly EASTENDERS, it was a lovely bright sunny day when I arrived at the studios and shown to my dressing room to play the character of ANSELL. The scenes took place in the Queen Vic, and although I am unable to give any storylines away, the one thing I will say is the Queen Vic is TINY!! – It is shot on a long lens camera to appear bigger than it really is, and even after all these hardened years as an actor, it was a shock to see how small it really was.

The cast and crew made me feel very welcome, so sincere thanks to all of them for making my job a lot easier!!

In my last update I told of you of declining the JASPER CARROTT vehicle ALL ABOUT ME. Well as always happens in this business the goalposts moved and CELADOR (the production company) came back with a much better offer and this time after negotiations with my agent I joined the rest of the cast to play the role of TONY.

Tony is one of Jaspers work mates (a builder) who pops up throughout the series but has some lovely scenes in episode 7.

The series is shot in studio at PINEWOOD on a set, and filmed in front of a live studio audience. As an actor this is fantastic because you get the intimacy of theatre, with the technical advances of television and I love it, they are a great company with a wonderful director in RICHARD BODEN and I will be back there in May for another 3 weeks.

I attended interviews for HOLBY CITY which I didn’t get, and a lovely part called FARMER GRAY in WHERE THE HEART IS, which unfortunately was cut from the finished script – hey thats showbiz!!

I will be back here again soon to tell you whats been going on in the month of April, but don’t forget you can always email me directly through the CONTACT ME section of the website and I will get back to you personally.

Until next time, take special care

John xxxxx
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March 2003

It’s March already and loads has happened. I have moved on finally from BROOKSIDE and although I don’t watch the show any more, people tell me that ALAN is now dead. His body is found during March in a quarry

I am sorry that this chapter of my life has finally come to a close as I miss Liverpool and the crew terribly, but hey life goes on and to that end I have been busy, primarily due to a wonderful team behind me, of Jeremy, Judy and Laura – they keep me busy and as an actor I love that !!

I went for a NORWICH UNION commercial a couple of weeks ago and forgot how humiliating commercial castings were – a regular job and income on a programme such as BROOKSIDE makes you forget why you came into the business in the first place, so it was great to go along and be a Southern Irish business man and Yorkshire farmer amongst others – I didn’t get the job but I was glad to be back in the thick of things!!

Also an interview for EASTENDERS came to fruition, its only a cameo role, but the money is good and its another credit on the biog!!

I was also seen for the second series of ALL ABOUT ME with Jasper Carrot, shooting in Pinewood, again, I have been offered the part, but on this occasion have decided that I will not be taking up the offer, I wish the BBC all the best for the shoot – its a great script so tune in and have a look when it hits the screens.

There is stacks more in the pipeline, but as its early stages I am sworn to secrecy – however once contracts are signed – you will be one of the first to know!!

I will try to update this every 4 weks from now on, but please forgive me if it takes a little longer – things are mad at the moment!!

Take special care, until next time

John xxxxxx
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