October 2004


All personal emails ( and there are loads !!! ) will still be answered !

August 2004

Hiya Guys

Its a helluva busy month, so this will be short !!!

Things are going fantastically well, so well, in fact that I have not got time at the moment to update the site with all the news.

Be patient, it will be up and running again with a HUGE update of everything that you want or need to know, and you must, or else you would not be reading this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Good, and Speak Soon.

As always, Toby, Greig, Steve, Karen, Janis, Lucy, Hazel, Sue, Katie, Claire, Samantha, Vasst ( From Serbia!! ), Selina, Dominic, Paul, Andrew and Pippa – personal emails on their way, apologies as all ways for the delay !!!!

Be good everyone, and my best wishes to Craig, my old buddy, who has just landed the part of PETER, first cover JESUS on the forthcoming UK tour of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, this guy is awesome and I love him to bits, if it comes to your town go and see it !!!!!!!!!

Take Care All Of You

John xxxxxx

July 2004

Well, maybe it's the dawn of a new era, but with all the contacts I have made over the years, I am firmly ensconsed as an agent.

Work has been thin on the ground for a while now, and with the advent of laptops, mobile phones, fax machines, pagers, emails etc, I can act on other actors behalfs, obtaining work etc, whilst still being available for work myself.

Following on from my comments, 2 months ago, I have found a real niche in the market, and to this end advertised for actors with suitable proffessional experience, via a box number.

I received 726 replies, and of these, we chose to contact 87, my PA and myself worked late into the night on many occasions to whittle the massive amount of applications down.

Having spoken to 78 of these on the telephone (9 were unavailable or did not call back!!), we decided to meet with 42 for workshop sessions.

We contacted Jerwood Space in London, and hired for 2 days “Space 5”, which became our temporary offices for the duration.

It was an interesting 2 days, consisting of improvisation workshops, rehearsed and cold script readings, and one to one interviews.

Everything was fun and informal for the actors, but for us extremely important.

I thought long and hard about going to see showcases or just interviewing people in a theatre cafe bar, before deciding on the sesson formula, which let me see the actor as a person, in an improvisational scenario, and how they could cope with cold script readings as inevitably happens with a television interview.

Suffice to say the days went like clockwork, and a lot of fun was had by all, we then reviewed our notes and the tapes/videos and made the necessary phone calls.

It amazes me even now, that so many actors think that their agent is their boss, wrong, we work for them – end of story!!! – get ready for a wave of change and reform, this is the way forward.

From the 2 day sessions, we have chosen just 24 people to represent, the rest of the story has not been written yet, but it will be!!!!!!!!!!

Take care

John xxxx

PS – Andy, Martin, Karen, Steve B, Andy R, Emma, Rajid, Sonia and Michael (not clients but responses from the website), private emails are all on their way – its been a busy few weeks so forgive the delay.

June 2004

Hiya Guys

Nothing to report this month, dead as a dodo with my agent, but exciting things happening over the coming months.

Keep logging in and checking things out.

More to say next month!!!

Take Care

John xxx

May 2004

It is amazing how much things can change in a month.

Last month I was disapointed with the way my career was progressing (or not more aptly), and this month it feels ten times worse.

I have not spoken to my agent in nearly a month and I have not been seen for anything at all.

In all my many years in the business that has never been the case.

I need to sit down, take stock of where I am, where I want to be and what I actually want to do.

I have set a date in my diary and will have to decide by then.

It is so sad when I see parts on different programmes where the acting is awful and I KNOW I could have done the job ten times better, and the worst part of all, is not even being seen for the job.

As I have said before it is a cutthroat industry, , but it just seems to be getting steadily worse, and I hate to say but the casting directors are probably the ones to lay the blame at.

Most casting directors send breakdowns or requests to the same old agencies, week after week, because they feel it's a safe bet as they have used the agents clients before.

How blinkered and sad is that, when there are thousands of actors who have agents that are not as well known, and the missed opportunity of never being seen, because they are not “name”.

The missed talent that these people are not tapping into is so abundantly clear, because we seem the same people turning up in similar roles in similar shows week after week after week.

In addition to this, and I don’t care if they deny it because it is true, (agents are just as bad in this approach by the way!!!) actors from the Southern part of England, or agents, very rarely get seen or get breakdowns for jobs North of Watford, and going the other way from the North rarely get seen for stuff casting down South – WHY !!!!!! – Stop the Stigma for christ sake.

I was speaking to a very well known and respected casting director the other day from Northern England, who told me, “we don’t actually use London Agents or Actors” —– WHAT !!!!

In that case people like myself who are caught in no mans land and live in the midlands will never get seen for anything, ah, maybe thats the reason why paragraphs 1-5 now make more sense !!!!

Enough already, rant over, summer is coming that means holidays, chilling out, getting toned and tanned sat out in the sun waiting for the phone to ring !!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 emails to answer and return this month, the fan base gets ever bigger !!!

Take Special Care

John xx

March 2004

Sorry that this months entry has been late in coming through, but things over the past month have been manic.

Myself and the family had a fantastic time on holiday in Fueteventura, the weather was glorious for the whole seven days, not one bit of cloud, so hey ho!!

Whilst we were there it was my daughter birthday (She has been very lucky this year and had 3 partys!!!!)

When we got back we opted for the traditional type party, so we booked a venue, and provided a magician and games man, who were fantastic (even providing a real rabbit from a hat that the children could stroke!!), as she goes to a drama and dance school, we opted for a chocolate sponge cake covered in pink icing in the shape of ballet shoes, complete with ribbons etc. (I would have loved to try some, but the diet prevailed and it was a definite no, no!!)

I have just finished work on a new series for the BBC called CRISIS COMMAND – I am in 2 of the 3 episodes (Hostage and Flood!) which will air in May and I must say that the programme is fantastic.

The series asks members of the public to run the country for the day and then puts disasters/potential problems etc in their way to see how they will react – believe me you will be hooked!!

I am going to see a number of shows this month – Joseph and the amazing ……, 84 Charing Cross Road and the Constant Wife in Coventry, plus Four Knights in Knaresborough at the Bolton Octogan.

The latter three have Steven Pinder, Helen Grace and Ben Hull (all from Brookside) appearing respectively, so it will be good to see how they perform live ( especially Ben, as I did Four Knights with Nic Moran from Lock Stock and 2 smoking … about 3 years ago ).

A big hello to Shannon, Rhia, Jeff, Mike S, Lindsey, Anna, Rob M, Helen, Pauline, Davey, Andy, Beverley, Kimberley, and Samantha (Thanks for the emails – photos etc are on their way to you – sorry for the delay!!)

Fit Club is going well, loads of interviews (Radio, TV etc,) plus press etc, despite the fact that I am aching badly from the gymn sessions I have lost just under half a stone – good eh !!!!

Speak soon

Take Special Care

John xxxxxx

February 2004

I truly cannot believe we are into February already!!!

I am not even going to say it has been quiet, because yet again it has (1 interview, since I last wrote!!)

On the plus side I have been approached to do a charity “Celebrity Fit Club” which will not be televised but instead all proceeds going to Baby Lifeline, a charity which helps mothers, unborn babies and poorly babies.

They do a fantastic job and we aim to raise loads of money, whilst getting ourselves in shape.

If anyone would like to make a donation to the cause, do it through the contact me section and I will set the wheels in motion.

The “celebrities” taking part including myself are:- Lorraine Kelly from GMTV, Dave Willets – Actor and Singer (My Hero!!!!), Jimmy Harkeshin who plays Dev in Corrie, Mickey Adams the Leicester City Manager, Tony Tobin the celebrity TV Chef and the Labour Minister of Health.

I can get in about 6 sessions with Marcus (our personal trainer and major fitness guru!!) before I leave the country for hopefully sunnier climes in the Canary Islands for a weeks holiday.

Then its back for more fitness etc until April and a birthday party for my daughter and 30 of her friends to organise, mad eh!!!

Thanks for the recent emails, as I have said before, it means a lot !!

Until Next Time

Take Special Care

John xxxx

January 2004

Well it seems that I start off like this on every entry, but it really was a quiet month, (workwise that is).

Christmas was great, a real family affair, with lots of presents, good food, good wine and the chance to catch up with old friends.

Boxing Day was even better, I was invited to Utoxeter racecourse as a guest of a horse trainer, he had a horse running that day, which had travelled a long way in its box, but was expected to win.

When the betting opened, the nag was 7/1 (about 5th favourite), so we had a good punt on it and the horse romped home. RESULT!!

Not only that, but the King George was also on that day at Cheltenham, and I had a tenner each way on “Edreddon Bleu”, this also won at 25/1, so I left the race course a very happy chappy, with pockets bulging of notes – Ave It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whilst I was there I met an old friend from years gone by, whom I had worked with in 1998, some of you may know her as she played Cathy in EMMERDALE for about 10 years.

I never knew Malandra was a horsey or betting person, but there you go, and to top it all she looked fantastic in all her tartan and red !!

I am starting to get itchy feet now, and really want to get back to work, I so hope 2004, brings me lots of interviews and stacks of work, we shall see!

As always, take special care

John xxx