September 2006

Hey Guys

It is now the month of September – can you believe that. All quiet on the western front in August (again!!), but I do have news of the airing of Afterlife.

It will be on ITV – Sat 16th September at 9 PM, there is an official website http://afterlife.itv.com/index.html and if you hunt around you will find a piccy of yours truly looking very grim faced by some flowers – eeek !!!

Ron is continuing to work away at the new website so I am confident of a Christmas launch if all goes to plan.

I have just spent some great time with Paul at VTS International who has recorded my new voice reel and this will also be available online he is a great guy who not only wrote the scripts but directed the voice quality, tone, style and brevity to aplomb – so my thanks to him, I cannot wait to get the master copy so I can give it to Ron and get it uploaded onto the new site.

I have just booked a weeks holiday to Portugal, but its the Florida one I am looking forward to – only 3 months to go !!!

Hey, until next time, take special care and hopefully speak soon !!!

John xxx

August 2006

I have as you know been toying with a new website for some time now, and I am pleased to tell all of you that at long last it is almost built.

There will be a new website address and you will still be able to access the new site via this one as well – if that makes sense.

I don\’t know why but for about 2 years the website or its hosts have had many many problems with the contact me section and my subsequent non received emails from it, I would like to apologize to anyone over the past 2 years who has sent emails via the site and not had a response, why I only get selective emails I do not know – it is not me being rude, I just have not received your mail.

We tried running it through my AOL account and that failed, we tried my orange account and that failed as a last resort we set up a special server via the web hosts, directed through to my outlook box and this has also failed, I know of at least six people in the last 3 months, and one in the last few days who has sent email via the site which I have not had – one was my new web hosts – hope to god its not sabbotage !!

The new site is terrific, it has a totally different look, will have footage of everything I have done – but this will take time and the site will constantly evolve, there will be a diary section, like this and I WILL get your emails and thats a promise!!

I am so excited about this and Ron is working very hard to get the site up and running – I will keep you posted on the development but keep your eyes peeled for a great new site.

July was dead as I told you previously, although my agent did ring to put me up for some commercial that required a guy with a big gut, maybe six months ago I told him, but no more. I havn\’t said a lot, but in the past six months I have lost over 2 and a half stone, feel fantastic and so much fitter. I will never be a slim Jim, as my build has always been like a rugby player, but I definitely am not fat any more and will be getting some new photos done in October so that you can see – I have to say I am very proud of myself, there is still a couple more stone to go, but I am getting there.

To those of you who have my private email address, NO the currently running afterlife series is the first series previously shown in 2004, hence why you have not seen me but I feel that the reason they are running it is as a pre cursor to the new series, don\’t forget I play Bill Durrant in episode one entitled Roadside Bouquets – enjoy !!!

Till next time thanks for listening and if anything happens of note I will add the usual stop press

Take care

John xxx

July 2006

Well it has been a dreadful few weeks for me as an actor, I was seen for 2 Holby City episodes (one of which was 2 episodes in itself), a commercial for Oatibix and a commercial for the NSPCC.

I knew one of the Holby episodes would not happen as I could not get to grips with what the director wanted even though he explained it fully and gave me several chances to get it right – at the end of the day I knew I was not right for it, and this proved to be so.

The commercials are always a bit hit and miss but I really wanted to do the NSPCC commercial as it is one of my chosen charities and something I have a deep affinity to – truth be known, I would have done it for free, but again it was not to be and I am bitterly dissapointed and have become a little jaded with the whole thing and the business in general.

I really hope that things start to look up for me as I really want to work and I am finding it more and more difficult to do so.

Until next time, take care

John xx

June 2006

Hi All

Sorry for the delay, I was hoping to bring you some good news but it has not transpired so I will post this after all.

2 meetings so far, both of which went very well but have not turned into work, one was for a a nice commercial for Picture Loans which was a nice payer and would have been nice for the bank manager also.

The other was for the guest lead on Holby City which I would have put money on that would have turned into work, but as of today – Thurs 22nd June has not and is now unlikely to, shame as it was a great part that I would loved to have done.

Away from my side of things, I just wanted to say a big WELL DONE to Emily who now officialy provides the voice for Angelina Ballerina and is busy rehearsing for the Queens childrens party at the palace, there will be LOADS of work for her so I am over the moon.

Craigs wedding is looming and I am honing my best mans speech and trying to organize stag nights etc, I cannot believe that in 3 months he will be made an honest man – porrrrrrkkkkkrrrrrind!!!!!

Hope all is well in your lives as it is in mine and in the words of John Gaunt – if you have kids, give em a hug, give em a kiss and tell em you love em.

Until next time peeps

John x

May 2006

Hi guys

****Stop Press – See Below****

Do you know what – I have been in this game for a long time now, and I can safely say that I have never worked with such a nice crew as the one I have just finshed with on the second series of Afterlife.

I had an absolute ball on the show, and although it is a small part spent several days in Bristol thoroughly enjoying myself. I did not stay over – except once, as it is only a couple of hours from where I live, and it is always nice to sleep in your own bed !!

Everyone involved with the show was wonderful, and I cannot wait to see it when it airs later on in the year, my thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome, I felt I had been on the show for years!!

I have just got my tickets through to see England spank the Sri Lankans at Edgbaston, so looking forward immensely to that. It is also my birthday in this month, I will be 39 – Gutted!!, but I have some nice celebrations planned.

Just had a right touch off with the bookies, Sands of Barra coming home for me at 20/1, lets just say some of the Burton fortunes have increased considerably so many thanks to the nag and Alan for the tip, get on Stephanies Mind at Kempton on Mon 15th May, it should win !!

Had a casting for a Norwegian electricity company yesterday, these things never cease to amaze me, what we actors do is so humiliating and all for the love of our art eh!!

The weather is glorious, so I am just going to chuck a juicy T – Bone onto the barbie and thoroughly enjoy it with a large caeser salad and a very cold glass of Sancerre – beauttttttttiful!!!

****Stop Press****

I have just been sent a DVD of All In The Game and can DEFINITELY say that I am on the deleted scenes section, I am very pleased with how it has come out, so get a copy and have a look – remember DELETED SCENES (they are roughly scenes 4 and 7 after pressing play – but don\’t quote me on the exact scenes!!!) – enjoy.

Speak again soon

John xx

April 2006


Hiya Guys

I am writing this just prior to going away on a VERY well deserved sunshine break with the girls, I cannot wait and when I come back, I am going to really push on with my career, the last couple of years for me have been very hit and miss, yes, I have worked, but it has been very sporadic and I really want to get a grip on things and start to work far more often, who knows maybe 2006 will be my year !!!

I am still staggered by the website it has been running for about 3 and a half years now and in the past 3 months I have had contact with several old blasts from the past and numerous hits from all over the globe – how weird !! Just to say it has been absolutely fantastic to hear from:- Yahm Histreeeee Dicky, Scott the Smeagle ( a name invented by the way in 1990 – many years before Gollum and Lord of the Rings!! ), Ali ( what else can I say except cherries!!! ) and my old mate from my Cypriot army days – Peth!!!.

In March I had hits from ( get ready for this – and these are not all of them !!!! )

Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Canada, Malaysia, Costa Rica, The Seychelles, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Thailand, Finland, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and the Russian Federation – what the hell are these people doing looking at my website…………………..weird!!

I did not get the job I went for on Afterlife, and started to get a bit paranoid about myself and started thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong ( it is an actor thing!! ) but have been re assured totally by the people I needed to hear it from that all was coooooool and I needed to chiiiiiiiiiiill a little bit ( all good things come to those who wait ) – that said I have been waiting for 20 years – patience is a virtue etc etc etc.

February 2006

Well, I did say I would try !!!

February has been VERY quiet for me apart from a really nice interview for the role of Jeffrey as the guest lead in DOCTORS, a fantastic part but sadly not mine !!

Before I go any further I would just like to say a big thank you to Duncan Rae for the most beautiful pencilled portrait of me I have ever seen ( I look younger, so that has got to be good !! ).

I never really thought the website would take off but in 2005/6 alone I had nearly 38,000 hits from all over the globe including such diverse places as Maui, the Czech Republic, Japan, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Canada, Dominion Republic and of course LOADS from the UK, so hey, it was worth doing.

I have had two old friends contact me in the last few days via the website (you know who you are, and I PROMISE I will get in touch shortly !!) so it really feels that the site is pretty good and WORKING (we have had LOADS of problems!!)

One of my daughters teachers has just gone on the national tour of ANYTHING GOES, so we will be hooking up to see him at the Birmingham Hippodrome in the next couple of weeks (Good luck Mr Jay !!)

Paterson Joseph, I am VERY disappointed in you, especially after my act of kindness ( I suppose all actors cannot have their feet on the ground and avoid being so ignorant – MUPPET!!! )

I am SO looking forward to a nice break in glorious sunny weather shortly, top up the tan, run every morning, time with my girls and just as importantly time to RELAX.

Until the next time guys, where hopefully I may have a bit more acting stuff to tell you about.

As always – be good.

John xxx

January 2006

Well howdee !!

A new year, and who knows what it will bring.

I have been very lax with my updates, so, as a new years resolution I will try to do this as a minimum of quarterly if not monthly!!!

I have been over to New York for New Year celebrations which was great fun after a busy but vibrant christmas, it is the 3rd time I have been, and I love it, America is a great place and sometimes I wish we led our lives as the yanks do theirs!!!

Saniflow continues to run and I continue to chase monies through Andrew, it is a slow painful process but we always win.

I have just finished filming a new Ray Winstone drama called All in the Game for Channel 4, I play a teacher called Mr Marshall which is a nice but very small part (blink and you will miss me, I am in 2 small scenes) set amongst the world of football. The director Jim O Hanlon was one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet and I really hope I work with him again sometime.

2005 was a dreadful year for me so I am hoping this year brings me much more luck and work, I am not bad so here\'s hoping!!!

My mate Craig gets married in September, so thats yet another thing to look forward to along with the usual birthdays, anniversarys and holidays this year to Fueteventura, Marbella, Morocco and Florida.

Hope you are all keeping well and I truly wish you all a fantastic 2006.

John xxxxx