December 2007

Hi All

It has been a mad month for me primarily due to things happening at home, family etc etc.

I completed 2 nice presenting jobs for British Telecom and Travis Perkins respectively, no castings or auditions came my way from the agents so this was work I obtained myself (there is a new picture from BT in the gallery – which needs enlarging – so click on it !!!) the videos will be up in due course.

My daughter has been busy swimming and gained 2 silvers and a bronze in her recent gala – well chuffed.

She is also really busy with pantomime rehearsals for Peter Pan with a bunch of “celebs” I have never heard of. She sang at the NIA in Birmingham recently so with all this going on plus Brownies and Stagecoach you can imagine I have been run off my feet.

I had an email recently asking what I love watching on tv, and I gave them 10 of my currently “can’t miss” programmes – so in no particular order …..


Now you all know the type of things I like to watch !!

Well it is fairly short this month due to my hectic schedule (I am off to a PTA meeting now !!!). Thanks for all the emails and have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS !!!

Seasons Greetings to you all speak to you in 2008.

John x

November 2007

Hi Guys

Another late entry – I think I am losing my touch !!

You will see that there are some new clips in the tv section – I hope you like them.

I have finished some good corporate work of late for Tarmac, British Telecom and Travis Perkins so these will be edited by the wonderful Sean along with the final Brookside clip and a casting directors showreel which will be a 5 minute compilation of all the best bits that are currently there – although deciding which bits to use may prove a problem !!

I had a nightmare recently – I was asked to go to a casting for a dutch bank commercial, with the appointment being at 1230 – these sort of things ALWAYS run late so I thought I would be clever and get a cheaper train getting me into Euston at 1233 knowing that it was a 15 minute cab ride to the studio and that the trains are always on time if not early.

BIG MISTAKE – the train arrived in late at 1245 and when I got to the taxi rank there were no cabs (normally there are hundreds) and a massive waiting queue. After nearly 20 minutes I got a cab and hit the most horrendous traffic and every red light possible – suffice to say that at 1315 I rang the studio to inform them of what had happened and that I was 5 minutes away – to be told they couldn’t wait any longer and they were going out of the door as I was speaking.

Suffice to say the cab driver duly did a U turn back to Euston and I achieved the square route of nothing minus about £100 for the privelege of travel – Doh !!!!!

My daughter has had more success and following on from last months entry DID get the Pantomime she auditioned for – she does 8 performances over the 11 week run and I am delighted for her.

She also did extremely well in her swimming gala (I told you to have some money on her months ago !!) gaining a fifth, two thirds and two seconds (missing out on a first by 4 hundredths of a second – another Doh !!!!!).

Things were a bit catastrophic this month – our boiler packed up at home and was leaking 72% unburnt gas from the flue and we were reported to Britiish Gas, we had a huge flood in our garage from the leaking hosepipe tap and my wife had a fire at her salon, they say things come in threes – so I guess that should be it , fingers crossed, but I think I may have hurt the family hamster whilst I was cleaning him as I trapped him in his cage – he squeeled like hell and is keeping a really low profile – I hope to god he does not die as my life won’t be worth living !!!

Thanks for all the recent emails from various sources – it is much appreciated.

I will ensure that the December entry is posted on time – PROMISE !!!!

Until next time

John x

October 2007

Hi Guys

Sorry the entry is a little late this month – there seems to be a gremlin in the system !!

A dreadful month for me with just one casting for me playing Kris a santa claus character in the new Currys christmas campaign – I was meant to be Scandinavian but I looked at some of the other names at the casting and realised I had no chance – thanks Guys !!! The names were Fred Johannson, Lukkas Rossen, Jackob Goussen – all definitely nordic unlike John Burton – Doh !!!!!!

My daughter had an audition for Aladdin and did not get it either – chip off the old block eh !!

I was invited as the guest speaker at a recent equity meeting and hope that I gave some invaluable advice on acting, agents, the business and other things in general – I actually enjoyed it so will be doing more guest speaking at various drama schools and clubs soon.

Some of you will know that I have been training hard for a half marathon, I have been doing 10km races quite regularly so this is a step up, all was going well until I got a really bad injury into my hip and groin down the buttocks and into the leg – it comes and goes but sometimes I cannot get into my car without the pain causing me to shout scream and cry – it is unbearable, god knows what I have done but the three men in my life at the moment need to pull their fingers out as the race is imminent and I am determined to be in it.

Jag my personal trainer and Jim and Pete my osteopaths best work their magic quickly or my plans will be scuppered !!

I am off on a sunny sunny holiday very shortly so cannot wait. I will be sat or laid by the pool on a very comfortable sunbed with an ice cold beer in one hand and one of two books in the other “Both barrels from Brazil” and “Undaunted” by 2 of the best talk jocks in the land – Alan Brazil and Jon Gaunt respectively – awesome!!

A huge thank you to my beloved tractor boys for providing superb entertainment at Portman Road against Preston North End – you were worth the 5 hour journey up and down the dreaded A14!!!

Before I sign off totally I have just come back from the most fantastic party weekend with all my family in Hebden Bridge, it was my cousins 50th birthday and my other cousins 18th – a joint do that neither of them knew anything about – it was a great night and it meant that we could get an excuse to go up to the farm where I spent many happy days of my childhood and which my girls absolutely LOVE !! – so thank you to all my family for keeping us fed watered and entertained – it was brill !!!!

So thats it guys and in the words of the fantastic Jon Gaunt, “if you’ve got kids give them a kiss, give them a hug and don’t forget to tell them that you love em”

Until next time.

John x

September 2007

Hi Guys

Well another month has passed me by and still I have no work, this is despite my agent telling me that there are lots of things being submitted but no interviews forthcoming !!

I had some new photos done about a year ago and maybe it is these (although I don’t look much different facially from the ones taken 3 years earlier!!) as I seemed to get seen for things on a far more regular basis (or maybe that's just my age and wishful thinking !!!).

All this aside, having no work, meetings, interviews, castings or auditions meant I could spend a lot more time with the girls on a social basis – and believe me there was a lot of socialising !!!

My daughter has been off on the school holidays so it meant we could spend some quality time together, so we have been to numerous theme parks, plenty of cinemas, bowling alleys etc etc and saw Cats (The Musical !!), this is in addition to having a wonderful week in Marbella (red hot !!), see the boys spank the Indians in the ODI at Edgbaston (despite being stuck in the no alcohol section – sorry Matt and Terry !!!!) and having the best knees up I have had in a long long time with all my treasured, loved and valued family in Harrogate at my cousin Sue's wedding – great do, great time and a real pleasure to catch up with people whom you only ever see at weddings, christenings and funerals (we promised to see each other more often from now on !!).

My daughter and I did have an audition together for a Mastercard commercial but didn’t get it – still, it gives her the experience and she just loves going in and meeting people – something which I hate and after all these years still am not very good at !!

I am off to Jersey in a couple of days so am looking forward to that and have a holiday booked to Fueteventura in late October which is looming on the horizon.

A film beckons called “Kiss me slowly, Kill me Quick” written by a guy called Steve Foster, the script is great and I am doing a rehearsed reading in mid September along with some other actors with a view to me playing one of the parts – I will keep you posted on this !!!

I have had a lot of people contact me since the last entry so would just like to say a big thank you and I will be in touch with you all soon – apologies in advance for the delay !!

Well, that's it – another entry completed, hopefully I will be able to add some work as a stop press before the month runs out – AGAIN !!!

Be Good and Take Special Care


August 2007

It is late on a Saturday afternoon (it always seems to be the best time to write these) and at long last the SUN IS OUT !!!!

Hopefully if the weather stays fine, the BBQ will be out and we will have a nice 28 day aged steak with some rocket and parmesan salad washed down with a couple of very cold glasses of Sancerre or a lovely Chilean chardonay that has been sent to me by my wine club – beautiful !!

The reshoot for the Tarmac shoot has been and gone and it went like a dream, it was still very tiring but the recasting was just genius (a total master stroke) and made our job a hundred times easier – great cast again and all good lads so my sincere thanks to the crew but more importantly my partners in crime – John, Craig, Mike, Alan, Fred and 2 great new additions in Carl and Paul – awesome !!!!

Only a few days now until my well deserved holiday to Marbella, I cannot wait. The girls are out at the moment picking up sun screens, euros, books etc for the journey and the seven glorious days of sunshine that is pretty much guaranteed.

It is quite a busy month socially in August what with the holiday, the one day cricket international against India, my beloved tractor boys kicking off their campaign to return to the premiership (where they belong incidentally!), a trip with my daughter to see Cats, a long weekend to Jersey (never been!) and a trip to London to see some friends (whew!!!).

I have just been gubbed into buying my daughter some Nintendo DS games for her holiday (not that I mind) and now I am taking her off to some maze that she wants to go to, if my September entry is late, send out the search parties I could still be lost in the darned thing !!!!!!

Until next time, when I hope and pray that I will have something mainstream (work wise) to tell you about, take special care.

John x

July 2007

My apologies for writing this later than I would have liked but things have been pretty manic of late.

I have just returned from watching the West Indies wallop us in the second one day international game (I am amazed that the weather only affected play for around 20 minutes), so Trent Bridge beckons to see who will win the series.

I love watching cricket it is not at all boring (as I thought it would be) and to be fair I was hooked after I had seen England thump the Aussies at Edgbaston in the glorious 2005 ashes series (it was my first live match – and I loved it !!), I normally go on my own, have a few sherberts and then get a cab back home, but in August I am off to see the boys take on the mighty India with a couple of mates who can really drink, so my liver will take a battering on that day – guaranteed !!!

Away from sport, life trundles on and for the first time in my career I am being pro active, I have just finished a large corporate drama for Tarmac playing a quarry worker called Glen, we shot it over a couple of days and it was a really long, tiring and frustrating shoot – suffice to say all the actors were glad when it was finally in the can. The next day I was with Sean (a great bloke who edits all my tv footage on the site to make me look good) when I received a call saying that all the Tarmac footage was unusable as it was green and we would have to go back to totally reshoot it. At first I thought it was a wind up – but no, it was totally genuine and we are reshooting it again at some point over the coming weeks.

Speaking of Sean and the TV clips footage, I hope that you are enjoying them as both him and I have spent many hours together getting the look, feel and edits right for your enjoyment. I have had a few emails saying that the clips keep freezing – unfortunately if you are not on broadband some of the clips will take forever to load and will prove virtually impossible to watch, if you are on broadband then my advice is to click on the screen once the clip starts to play, press the pause button and let it “load” for about a minute and this should solve the problem, those of you on super dooper fast broadband will not have this problem.

The Brookside clips are up (at least some of them) and there are probably two more 10 minute sections to edit and upload, along with the Saniflo commercial and the Ray Winstone drama “All in the game” – keep checking back to view them.

I am off for a well deserved break in the sun soon but typically it is the day that the new footy season starts and I was intending to watch my beloved tractor boys at home to Sheffield Wednesday – still a flight out to sunny climes comes in a very close second !!!!

Take care and many thanks for all the emails I have received recently.

John x

June 2007

Hello All

I hope that you are enjoying the new site and all it has to offer, it has been receiving LOADS of hits – so thank you, the next batch of clips will be available to view in the next few days, so keep an eye out.

I am writing this having just watched Frankie Dettori win his first ever Epsom derby – typical isn’t it, this year is the first year that I have not got dressed up in top hat and tails and attended the event, in fact I don’t even know why I did not go (it must be my age!), instead I spent the afternoon on my own in a cinema watching Spiderman 3 and Pirates of the Carribean 3 – both were really good by the way !!

You can now watch me regularly on sections entitled “in the kitchen” and also “problem solved” on Sky channel 631 – I am not on every section but I am on lots (it is the same programme) throughout the day.

I have just returned from an absolutely beautiful place where I celebrated my 40th birthday – Venice.

I am a well travelled guy but I have to say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We did all the usual tourist stuff like feeding the pigeons in St Marks Square, the bell tower, going on a gondola, eating pasta, drinking great wines and even paid a visit and a nice sunbathing session to Venice beach which was glorious.

My daughter and I attended her first ever audition for Kellogs Rice Krispies – playing surprisingly enough a dad and daughter (doh!!).

She was absolutely fantastic and did her old dad proud – to be honest I was really surprised as she was so natural and not at all fazed by it, sadly we did not get the part as it films on Thursday 7th June and we have not heard a thing – I am looking forward to seeing it as I think she may have been a bit too old – the brief was for a 6-7 year old and she is 8 – the director asked her age as we left.

Anyway all that said I could not have asked for anymore from her – she was brill !!!!

Well that was all on the acting front – I must put a call into my solicitors (sorry I mean agents!) to find out what if anything is bubbling away for me, if anything of note happens during the month of June I will add the usual stop press.

Until next time, take care

John x

May 2007


There is not a lot to report this month especially on the acting front.

My agents have changed their name from Jeffrey and White to Jeffrey White and Silvey Associates – it should not affect me in any way but I must speak to them as they now sound like a firm of Solicitors or Chartered Accountants !!!!. Seriously though, they do a great job and thats all that matters.

My daughter has just landed her first agent and will appear in Spotlight from September, she had to audition for them and chose to do the Sound Man by Roger McGough for which she got distinction in her recent LAMDA exam, she may not get much work (like her Dad !!) but we will at last be able to see if this is a business she wants to be part of.

Work is at break neck speed on the site which will launch on 14TH MAY 2007, films are being edited and there are only a couple of minor changes to the pages – hopefully you will love it, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THIS SITE WILL CLOSE SHORTLY AFTERWARDS AND YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO USE THE NEW SITE………


Anyway, enough for this month, as always take care.

John x

April 2007

I write this on Sunday 1st April at 0900 hrs whilst my wife has taken my daughter to Brownies church parade – we are not religious but part of attending Brownies is that you attend church as often as possible – seeing as she has not been since January, we thought it wise ahe showed a face today, freeing me up to do some work on this and the new site which is coming along very nicely.

The launch date for the new site will be the 14th May 2007 and you will love it, I am in the studio over the next couple of weeks to get all the masses of TV footage onto digital tape so that we can edit them into decent clips for the site, I am so dissapointed however as the guy that was building my last site has either lost or mislaid several tapes and DVDs – all of which are unreplaceable and had fantastic footage on them, they included – All in the Game, the Saniflo commercial and several episodes of real good stuff from Brookside – still, I cannot dwell on this as I should be able cobble some stuff together from all the tapes I have left.

I popped into see my agents a few days ago and they were absolutely gobsmacked when they saw me – the last time was in December 2002 after I had just finished Brookside – suffice to say I was three and a half stone heavier then so when I bounded into their offices looking half the man I used to be, the reaction was fantastic and it made me feel GREAT !!

Dream Team was a hoot to film, I play a character who is the foreman of the tyre garage where Big Phil and Deano work, its only a small part but it\'s a credit for the early part of 2007.

I auditioned for the role of Thomas in the BBCs new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility but I did not get it and I am gutted as I have never done a period drama and I would have loved to dress up in all the oldstyle clothes!!

I did however manage to secure the role of John the Chef in a new corporate style commercial that will last about 29 minutes in length running on the JML shopping channel regularly throughout the day, seven days a week for years to come – watch it – it is REALLY GOOD, so a big thank you to Angie (who plays my wife), Simon, Johnathan and Jen (producers and directors) and Dave, Chris, Drew and Matt – some of the nicest crew I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

It was a tiring shoot and very technical at times but we got it done and the finished product is something we can all be proud of.

Well I am going to sign off now as a trip out for Sunday lunch beckons with my girls – if anything of note happens in April, I will add a stop press, in the meantime remember the launch date for the new site and keep checking back.

Until next time, take special care


March 2007

It is late as I have just been to swimming training with my daughter but I have 2 bits of good news which I will tell you about when I have more time :-

My daughter has just been moved up to the swimming squad (elect) and is working so hard – I truly think she has something special (parental bias aside!) and I am over the moon, she has just had her eighth birthday and the head coach tells me I will need to buy a bigger house for all her potential cups and medals, she is my world and I am so PROUD !!

Also news on Dream Team (when I get the chance to fill you in !!) but suffice to say I have just shot the LAST EVER EPISODE – so watch out !!!

Until next time

John xxxx