December 2008

Well happy new year to you all !!

I have just returned from a weeks glorious skiing in the tyrrol valley – Austria

Whichever idiot told me it was like riding a bike – as in you never forget – was wrong.

I seemed to spend more time on my backside than upright on my skiis and my very first day being graded by the various ski instructors on a steep red run was daunting to say the least.

At least I was not put in the bottom group (even though I fell on my grading run!), to say I have not skied for nearly 12 years I was very pleased with my progress.

By day 4 I had stopped falling over and my instructor even took me into deep powder snow off piste – something I have never done before and truly an exhilirating experience.

I now have the bug again and am trying to persuade the girls to go again this Christmas – maybe to Italy !!

I did some work in December on a British Telecom corporate and spent the day filming in a real crown court. I got to sit in the accused's chair (not something I would like to do for real!) and the judges chair (very impressive and a fantastic view of proceedings) – forget Judge John Deed, this was Judge John Burton.

I will be posting some images soon so keep an eye on the gallery section of the site.

I am going to see my agents at some point in January or February, it has been a while since I saw them face to face and telephone calls/emails can be a bit impersonal.

There are a number of issues I want to discuss with them and a major irk that I need to get off my back concerning the musical Oliver, the character Bill Sykes and an actor called Burn Gorman – I will write more when I have asked what I need to ask !!

2008 was a very poor year for me and I don’t want it repeated in 2009. I was only seen for 9 things in the whole of the year – 5 commercials, 2 TVs, 1 Film and a theatre job.

The old addage of throw enough doo doo at the wall and some of it sticks is very true – but I NEED TO BE SEEN MORE !!!!

I wil be pushing my agents hard in 2009 and trying to pull some additional strings myself – so please keep those fingers crossed for me.

Well hopefully i will have some more news for you next month

All the best

John x

November 2008

Hi Guys

November has been an extremely quiet month for me in general.

My sincere thanks for all the emails I have received throughout the month, I think by now I have responded to the majority of them – if not, my sincere apologies.

May I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you who visits my site in whatever capacity – a very happy Christmas and a fantastic 2009.

December's entry will be written in the first week of January.

All the very best

John x

September 2008

Hi Guys

It has been a while since I wrote as there has not really been a lot to say.

For all of you who kept the fingers crossed – a big thank you, I was pencilled (shortlisted) for the Austrian commercial but was eventually told that they had decided to cast in Austria – I don’t believe them though !

I saw the opening Merlin episode I auditioned for and I was glad that I did not get it – the part had been cut down to just one line but the actor concerned is also in episode 4 so it maybe a decent part after all, maybe if Jill Trevellick sees fit I may be bought in for another part in the second series.

Have you ever heard of an actor called BURN GORMAN – no, neither have I.

I asked one of my agents to get me seen for the role of Bill Sykes in the new Oliver production at the Theatre Royal – (a part I would be perfect for) and she told me that it wouldn’t happen for me as they were going with a name ! – some name hey, the guy has done a couple of episodes of Torchwood !

So a big thank you to the casting director of Oliver (probably David Grindrod as he casts pretty much everything musical theatre) for giving me a chance as I know I would have been really good. The character only has one song to sing so it is predominently an acting role!

I know it may sound like I am bitter – and hey ho, yes I bloody am.

I have totally fallen out of love with the business due to the lack of meetings with Casting Directors, Job offers, actors who I see constantly working (who aren’t all that) and the total narrow minded view that all decent actors are from London with a “named” agent – what a load of bull !!

Oh well, enough of the rant, I am off to fast for the remainder of the night as I have a blood test in the morning – I can’t even have a large Jacky Daniels to drown my sorrows !!

Anyway, thanks for listening to the rant – oh before I go to add insult to injury I went to The Valley (Charlton FC) on Saturday to see my beloved tractor boys play, only for them to lose and cost me £30 for the ticket, £60 for the train ticket, £80 for Taxis and £20 for a couple of pints a pie and a programme – Cheers Lads !!!

The only saving grace from the trip was a great conversation with a really nice cabbie who took me from Greenwich back to Euston thereby making himself late for a romantic meal with his new girlfriend (who was a dance and fitmess instructor) – top bloke !

Be good all – lets hope next months entry is a little more positive !

John x

August 2008

Hi Guys

Well the Priestly play did not happen and I am gutted – but it was obviously not meant to be so there it is.

I made contact with the actor that got the role however and we are going to hook up for a beer and I can also see how he interprets the part – he seems a really nice guy so it will be great to actually meet him.

Keep all your fingers crossed as I am about to audition tomorrow for yet another chef commercial – how ironic is it that I am a fully qualified chef but all the chef jobs I go for never pan out for me – weird !!

The Sainsbury commercial has now finished but I have been reliably informed that it will have another 6 week run very shortly – it turns out that it has been one of the most popular ads they have ever screened !!

My daughter is well and truly ensconssed in filming “Nativity” and this is due for general release toward the back end of 2009 – more to follow !!

She has also auditioned for the Belgrade annual Christmas panto – so again, news to follow if that all works out !!

Apart from the commercial tomorrow all is quiet, my beloved ITFC are not performing as they should and to cap it all we have had yet another awful summer due to the dreadful weather – AND THERE IS NO ONE TO BLAME FOR IT !! – normally at least we can blame government for things that go wrong but we can’t even do that !!

I want to thank all the people who have been in touch lately – especially those from 8 Field Workshop – guys, I am SERIOUSLY thinking about organizing a weekend reunion – get your feelers out with all the other contacts you have to see if it is a goer !!

Until next time gringo's

John xx

July 2008

Hi Everyone

Apologies for the very late entry into the diary but I don’t seem to have much spare time at the moment.

Still better late than never so I am writing this whilst downloading some tunes, listening to clips of the week (talksport) and filling in my quarterly VAT return.

My laptop has that much stuff on it that everytime I do something on it a message pops up saying that I am running low on disc space on my C drive. I think the time has now come to get myself a fixed one with a much bigger memory and just use my laptop for when I am out and about. I am very very tempted to buy a MAC as I think they are lovely to use and very quick, maybe a trip to the apple store is imminent.

As I am writing this later than I would have liked – the Sainsburys commercial is well under way and into it's second week. The power of television never ceases to amaze me and I must have been stopped/asked about this commercial more than anything else I have done. It must be getting stacks of airtime – but I have only seen it once !

It was a hoot to film and my “family” made it even better 3 great people who made the job easy and fun – so a big thank you to them and all the crew who were great, I hope you like the commercial and if you have not seen it yet then it will be up on this site in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of the Sainsburys commercial, I received a weird call from Abbot Mead Vickers (The agency) to ask me whether I have ever been a footballer – apparently a member of the public had seen the commercial and written in to Sainsburys who then passed it onto the agency for them to get an answer, one question …….. Why ?

Why would someone take the time and effort to do that, as they say on talksport – what a waste of ink !!!

I have been seen for 3 things in July none of which I got – but at least I am getting seen, gutted I have not got any of them though. One was for a film playing a copper called DC Harmison in “Tormented”, the other was a Scandinavian chef for a Norweigan supermarket (I really thought I would have got that !) and the other for a JB Priestly play called “Dangerous Corner” at the New Victoria. The latter may still hold some hope as I only saw them on 31st July, it went well enough so you never know. I would LOVE to do that play !!

I got back from the cricket after a fantastic day when the only way we could lose was if we really made some big mistakes – guess what ? WE LOST !!!!!

I had a fantastic mini break in London with the girls, I go down there so often I thought it would be rubbish, but to be fair it was ace.

We did all the tourist stuff including things like the open bus tour around the city, the river cruise up to Greenwich from the house of commons, a meal at Planet Hollywood, trips to London zoo, the national history museum (fantastic !!!), Hamleys, Hyde Park, Leicester Square, Covent Garden and went to see an unbelievable Doctor Who exhibition at Earls Court which had everything from the Tardis to Daleks and the face of Bo to the Cybermen – AWESOME !!!!

Well, enough waffle for the time being, keep watching those ads and Justin, Dave, Dave, Sue, Michelle, Gary, Rachel, Mike, Hal and Jeff, I have received all your emails and will be getting back to you shortly – thanks for the lovely feedback !

Speak again soon

John xx

June 2008

Hi Guys

It is Sunday morning the 22nd June, the sun is glorious and shining madly through my office window but it is still blowing one hell of a gale !!

I have just watched the most amazing episode of Dr Who that was “Sky Plussed” from last night – it was awesome and the preview of next weeks episode looks even better, sometimes I often think if I had one wish, then it would be able to “time travel” – how cool would that be !!

Lots of news this month starting with the cricket (actually that's all I can write as it was a total wash out and I ended up back in a taxi several hours earlier than I had anticipated) I am praying for good weather when I go to see them play South Africa in early August.

I had a great time at my daughters school fete with the other PTA members where we ended up cooking BBQs, doing raffles , face painting, cake making and the like.

After it was all finished we were well and truly shattered but that did not stop some of us ordering Chinese and sitting outside in the cool summer breeze drinking Magners on ice and warm bottles of red wine to the early hours. Beautiful !!

I have been asked to sit for the Equity committee and I have said yes, I do not know the levels of involvement but I probably soon will, it is nice to be asked and give something back to the proffesion..

I am about to start shooting a film based in and around the Midlands where I play a henchman intent on killing people, it has been on the back burner for a while but rehearsals have started and the first shots to be put “in the can” will be on the 5th July – I have mentioned the project in earlier entries so you can see how long it has been on the horizon.

I am off to watch The Hulk this afternoon with my wife whilst my daughter is at yet another party, so I am looking forward to that.

I am leaving for London later on today as I am away for a couple of days filming a new Sainsbury commercial with Jamie – it should be good fun but it is an early call so I have a gut feeling that it is going to be a couple of really busy and long days, I will let you klnow how it all went in the July entry..

As always thank you so much for all the personal contacts – they are always greatly appreciated !!

Take care

John xx

May 2008

Hi Guys

Not a lot to report this month, hence the very short entry.

Had a fantastic time in gay Paree apart from having to ride rock ‘n’ roller coaster and the tower of terror far too many times (nightmare!), still the weather was great and it was quality time away which is the most important thing.

I went for a commercial casting which is always a bit hit and miss and could not believe the ammount of well known faces in the room (and I mean people that EVERYONE would know instantly !!)., these things tend to be a bit overpowering and you always end up doing things in the casting that you would never do in real life (I have some “way out there” tales that I could not ever put pen to paper about, but suffice to say the life of an actor is definitely NOT glamorous !!!)

I will hopefully post more in the June entry when I have a bit more time – I seem to be running around at the moment like the proverbial “headless chicken” !!

All the best

John x

April 2008

Hi Guys

Well it is the second of May as I write the April entry for the ever growing diary section of the site.

Last months entry was very downbeat (having just re read it) and summed up how I was feeling at that time. 4 weeks is a long time in showbiz so things have greatly improved since then.

Although I still have not worked, my agents have assured me that all is good and their determinarion to get me seen a plenty in 2008 will show no let up – that made me feel heaps better !!

It was after a phone call to the office that 2 meetings came up very close together, firstly a commercial casting for Nintendo Wii Fit which turned out to be a cattle call of the worst kind – there were hundreds of people there, including real families that were not even actors!!

The other was a quality meeting with a fantastic casting director called Jill Trevellick (who casts loads of stuff and is one of a few casting directors I have not met) for a new BBC drama which will sit into the Doctor Who/Robin Hood slot called “Merlin”.

I was seen for the part of Gregory /Captain of the Guard – a foot soldier in Camelot but I knew when I left the meeting that I had not got the job – just call it gut instinct – (I have been in the business long enough to know when things havn’t gone particularly well – and this was one of them) – I was really down in the dumps for a couple of days as I so wanted to do it – but it wasn’t meant to be.

But hey I am a fair guy so sincere best wishes and good luck to the actor that got the job – I bet it will be an absolute ball to be involved with that show !!

Away from work I am busy doing odds and sods, my friend has just passed her driving test – so well chuffed about that. I have booked a skiing holiday to Austria for the Christmas/New Year period so that is something to look forward to and I have a few other things on the boil which I can tell you about when I get back from Paris.

Thank you so much for all the direct contacts I have received recently – I will get back to you all soon – I promise !!

Until next time, take care.

John x

March 2008

Hey Guys

It's at times like these when I think – shall I just jack it all in and get a PROPER job …

I went to see my agents after that wonderful relaxing holiday in early February ( I actually saw them on 26th Feb to be precise ! ) full of hope, aspiration and a real zing/zest for what was to come.

5 weeks later – nothing, diddly squat, not even a commercial casting (which are ten a penny), I just cannot believe it. Is it me or are things totally out of my control !!

I am starting to get really paranoid and wonder (despite all the great credits and stuff that I've done) whether this really is the right job for me.

I see the same actors and the same agents getting all the good jobs (and even the poor ones) which means there is little or nothing else to go around – I am in a right quandry and don’t know which way to turn ………….

Away from the terrible blues of the business, life continues to roll on mercilessly (Jeepers – i will be 41 in around six weeks time !!) and the only thing I have that I am looking forward to is a 4 night break to Paris with my girls – see, life is not all that bad , as I will soon be eating Moules et Frites, sipping a fabulous Sancerre and meeting up once again with my old friend Mike (he has lived in Paris for a few years now), I am one of the lucky ones who get to call him this on account I have spent so much time and money in his presence (the rest of you have to call him Mickey) but still it will be good to see him again (oh and Minnie of course !)

The first of April has arrived which means that from now until September 1st my jeans and tops have been packed away and out have come the 3/4 length shorts and tee shirts – no matter what the weather !!!

Well I am off now to watch a few more episodes of the ever fantastic “Spooks” and will go to bed dreaming that April – December will bring in stacks of work – but I won’t be holding my breath ……………………

John x

February 2008

Well one thing is a fact in life – I am true to my word – I told you this entry would be late !!

I have just come back from a glorious holiday on the first cruise I have ever done – and it won’t be the last !!

We boarded Oceanna in Barbados amongst the sound of steel drums, wearing flower garlands and soaking up the warm sunshine. From the moment we set foot on the boat (sorry i mean ship – the Captain will go mad calling it a boat !!) we were cared and catered for in every way imaginable.

I won’t bore you with all the details (it would be like looking at someones holiday photographs) but suffice to say it was a blast from start to finish and this holiday is up with the very best I have ever had.

We visited some of the most beautiful islands in the Carribean including:- Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, St Maartan, Mexico, The Cayman Islands, Curaco, Aruba, Jamaica and an unscheduled stop in Grenada !!

The food would not have been out of place in a Michelin star restaurant, the waiters were attentive without being intrusive, the shows I saw would not have looked any different to a West End stage and the croupiers in the casino well. – they tried their best (eh Paul!!) but …. they lost lots of dough!!!

We met some wonderful people … you know who you are !!! and the whole experience was unforgettable – THANK YOU xxx