December 2010

Hi guys

Well, that's it. All done and dusted. I am now in a position to write a little more about the past few weeks on Coronation Street as the episodes have been aired.

I could use a whole host of terminology to sum up my time there but here, so here goes: – It was a fantastic, humbling, surreal, extraordinary, tiring, fascinating period of time, which was an honour and privilege to be a part of. To be involves with this event in any capacity, no matter how small, was sensational, after all, this was the shows 50th anniversary, culminating in a live episode!

The cast and crew worked so hard, my sincere thanks to them, the production staff, producers, director and anyone else associated with this amazing piece of history, you made me feels so welcome and part of your family – something which I will never forget and always treasure.

Now it's all finished I can concentrate on other important things such as Christmas.

Whilst in Manchester I managed to find time to go shopping, so I spent a few hours wandering around the Arndale and Trafford centres trying to bag a bargain and plough through my very long list of presents.

On the whole I achieved all I wanted to, only a couple more things to buy and I will be all done.

Christmas is a real family affair for me. It's Christmas day with the family followed by a brisk walk after dinner, a bit of a snooze and then loads of board games in the evening along with a plentiful supply of food and drink.

Boxing day brings it's own inimitable fun as we head to the races (the horse type) where we have a lovely dinner and try to win a few quid. I normally leave having done my brains, whilst everyone else is weighed down with loot!

More fun and games in the evening (along with more food and drink) before crashing into bed after a hectic 48 hours – I wouldn't have it any other way!!

The nest few weeks will be pretty manic with all of the above taking place, plus school carol concerts, football matches, afternoon tea (with more carols), present wrapping, swimming training, discos, meals out, Christmas drinks etc. Thank goodness the decorations are up!

Anyway, to all the people who have wished me well over the past year and anyone who has touched my life in 2010. Thank you. Have a fantastic Christmas yourselves, enjoy it to the full and I will catch up with you all again in the New Year.

John xx

October 2010

Hi guys

October has been and gone and we are truly ensconced in the month of November. I sometimes struggle to believe where time has gone as the months roll by and we find ourselves already approaching a brand new year – frightening!

Primary filming for my character has now finished on Coronation Street until my return in early December for the live episode.

It was a long and hard shoot with the constant nights we worked. Some of the cast did nights for some weeks before and I know it really took it out of them. Bill Roach who plays Ken is an absolute legend and at 78 years old completed the night shoots with the rest of us without complaint although he did tell me toward the end he was struggling and the cold was really starting to affect him – as I say, legend!!!!

I am really disappointed at recent newspaper revelations. I was sworn to secrecy about the storylines and so much care went into ensuring that only certain bits of script were distributed to those who required them, however, yet again, someone within the ITV ranks has leaked storylines to The Sun newspaper and as I read today's centre pages everyone can now see who dies and the story plots for the all important live episode broadcast week – it's such a shame and has spoilt what would have been a huge surprise and shock for millions of people who watch it – shame on you Jennifer Blackburn for printing the story and ruining it for the masses.

Away from this, when I had some time off it was lovely to be with my wife enjoying all Manchester had to offer, we had a fantastic time and we were both a bit star struck when we bumped into the whole Arsenal football team who were staying at our hotel prior to the Manchester city league game. They did look really smart in their Arsenal tracksuits as they took a stroll around the hotel grounds, they even had police escorts on motorbike to take them to the match – how exciting!

Speaking of football (or lack of it) we didn’t sparkle against Coventry City or Watford in recent matches, which saw us plunge from 3rd to 14th over a 7 day period – gutted! Come on the tractor boys lets have more of what I saw against Milwall and the continued good Carling cup run.

We have a quarter final tie against West Bromwich Albion shortly and with a bet of £50 at 55/1 on the boys making it to the final on 27th February, you can imagine my excitement is at fever pitch. Here's hoping!

My daughter went to Switzerland for the European club invitational event after travelling by car, aeroplane and bullet train, she arrived home with a bronze medal and a limited edition swimming cap for her efforts – very proud of her!

A family celebration for a golden wedding anniversary went like a dream and as it was a total surprise made it even better, it was lovely to see everyone there and make the occasion even more special.

Well, I am going to sign off now, as I can no longer hide my excitement – only 2 weeks to go before the penultimate episode in the Harry Potter franchise.

HP and the deathly hallows (part one) is released on 19th November – and I can't wait.

Until next time, take special care

John xx

September 2010

Hi Guys

I am delighted to announce that I will be joining the cast of “Coronation Street” for 3 episodes later in the year which will involve the 50th anniversary LIVE episode!

It's an absolute honour to be working on this – and to be walking the Weatherfield cobbles once more.

A lot of you will be aware from newspaper articles and the internet that this major storyline will be one of the biggest “Corrie” has undertaken. The tram crash storyline will start in December and will keep you on the edge of your seat – I promise!

Pictures and footage of the aftermath are already there along with a piece by Antony Cotton which gives you some hints about what will potentially happen.

I cannot thank enough, Gennie, Katy, Graeme, Tony, Phil and Kieron for casting me in something very special.

I have had so many emails, so I will tell you that I am playing watch commander John Doe – due for transmission in early December, keep an eye out for me!

I have attached a link below to the official Coronation Street website which gets updated regularly.


Away from “Corrie” I worked on a fantastic job for JML with one of the nicest guys around. Tony Tobin, celebrity chef and all round good guy – you are a legend!!

If you don't recognise the name, I have posted a photograph in the gallery section of the site – if you have ever watched ready steady cook you will know him, his website is linked to my links page – have a look. I also managed to blag myself a set of Nudo knives in the process (highly recommended and available from JML soon).

My thanks also go to Mr H (a legend in his own right), Jess and the crew for not taking up too much of my time in an already busy diary, I must also say a big thank you to Tracey (my partner in crime for the day).

I went to Scunthorpe on Saturday (you need a new stadium and facilities!) to see the tractor boys play, we were really poor in the first half but much better in the second – I don't know why but I have a gut feeling that this season a premier league position could beckon!

I.T.F.C, my sincere thanks for the ticket (in the posh seats no less) against Coventry City at Portman road. For reasons I won't go into, I would love us to win this match – convincingly!!

Well, the rain is lashing down, the Ryder cup has been cancelled for the day, so, there's nothing else left to do other than …. go for a run (only the English eh?)

Until next month, take special care.

John xx

August 2010

Hi Guys

Another month done and dusted.

It was a busy month in August and I was really hoping to bring you some good news – but it isn't to be.

I was seen for a nice part on Coronation Street last week (I must be doing SOMETHING right as they keep bringing me in) and I read it as well as I could, I left, thinking that this time was my time. I felt good, the read went well, and the feedback was positive – but nothing, no offer, and no call – zilch!

The goal drought continues!

Aside from that I thoroughly enjoyed the cricket v Pakistan – a memorable victory and lots of wickets falling plus the Cockspur rum was flowing very nicely. It's a shame that allegations of recent corruption and cheating have come to light as it puts a cloud over the whole thing.

It was also fantastic to meet up with an old friend albeit in very sad circumstances, I haven't seen Scott for 15 years but it's amazing how quickly you fall back into each others company after so long with such ease – they are the qualities of a true friend no matter how much time passes in between.

Windsor races was great although this was also slightly marred as my father in law had a heart attack – he is doing well now. My run of bad luck continued, I was the only one who didn't have a winner – nothing new there.

I went running the other day and had to pull up after half a mile, it felt like I had been shot in the calf – I was in agony. The healing hands of the sports injury specialist came through though and I hope to be able to get a run in over the next couple of weeks.

It must be an age thing I reckon, I am starting to get more injuries and they are taking longer to heal each time – age is one of the few things we cannot fight – but I will do my best, that's for sure.

As always (although very unlikely) if anything of any relevance happens before the next diary entry – I will update this with a **Stop press**

Take care and don't forget if you want to follow me on twitter then you can always find out what I am up to by going to: –


John x

July 2010

Hi Guys

I write this having just travelled back from Southampton where I have been working on a corporate training video for the maritime industry.

It was great fun to do and we turned around the project in double quick time.

I was playing the chief engineer and I was fortunate to be working with 2 great actors (Beatrice and Moey – thank you!) who not only made the time fun but also enjoyable.

My thanks must also go to Ben, Pete and Tomas who made my stay there as comfortable and stress free as they could, I hope there will be some more projects in the future as it is always great to do work that you enjoy doing whilst also getting paid for it!!

Once again I did some corporate stuff for British telecom, which is always a pleasure to do, thank you primarily to John and Ross who always make me feel welcome when we work together.

It's been a busy month for me personally as well, I took my daughter down to London to see “Billy Elliot” (which we have both seen before), we stayed over, did a bit of “hard rock café” and got a lazy train back home – it was wonderful.

Britain's got talent was fantastic to watch as was my daughters school show where she played the part of Jane in Mary Poppins and sang/danced her heart out in a whole array of other numbers.

The Midland music festival was just awesome with too many acts to mention but the stand outs on Saturday were:- The Christians and Level 42 with Scouting for girls (best by a country mile) and Westlife really cranking up the excitement on the Sunday. A fantastic weekend of music where I also got to hook up with friends and the ale flowed freely!!

My running is starting to get better but I still have to receive treatment every week, I am now up to 5.5 miles and getting better at every session, just gotta keep plodding!!

I have so much to do in the coming month: – England v Pakistan at the cricket, 2 day jaunt to Windsor to take in the sights and watch the horse racing, weddings to attend and birthdays to celebrate – it's going to be a busy month again!!!

Oh, by the way, if you want to follow me on twitter then you can always find out what I am up to by following: –


Speak soon

JB xxx

May 2010

Hi Guys

A slight delay in getting the entry posted this month, totally my fault, I think I must have other stuff on my mind.

No auditions or castings this month, but that's OK as I have loads on elsewhere.

I had a nasty fall back in January and only now six months down the line am I able to start running again. I was doing really well with various 10K races and half marathons but the ankle injury really set me back.

I recently started training again after loads of physio and have completed several runs ranging from 1 mile to 3 miles in the last couple of weeks. (hopefully another few weeks and I will be back where I want/need to be!).

I loved this years Britain's got talent and like last year have got tickets to go and see the show on tour, I am really looking forward to seeing the gymnastic/dance group “Spellbound” perform!

I have also managed to blag some tickets to a fantastic music festival, which for me is manna from heaven!

I am fortunate enough to be seeing some of my all time favourite bands:- Alexander O Neil, Level 42, Aswad, Billy Ocean, Shakatak and Hue & Cry. On the Sunday it's: – Scouting for girls, Westlife, Alexander Burke, Peter Andre, Chipmunk and Olly Murs – should be a bloomin cracker!!!!

I went to the most bizarre place I have ever been recently – an Ice bar!!

If you have never been to one and you get the chance – do it. We were given capes and gloves and ushered through a door which promptly shut behind us, ahead was another door so we were in a sort of corridor. The next door opened and bang, there it was, the ice bar.

It was a room where EVERYTHING was made of ice (apart from the floor), the tables, the chairs and even the shot glasses you drank the yummy flavoured vodkas from – it was fantastic, and really memorable.

I still don't have a release date for Blitz but when I do, I will let you know.

Well, that's enough for now. Thanks as always for the emails but especially from Scott (I know, I will reply!) and an email from a very memorable blast from the past (happy days, you know who you are!).

Take care

John xx

April 2010


Well Easter has come and gone and we find ourselves already into May which I think is frightening, I cannot believe how it seems to have gone so quickly.

On a professional point of view, April was extremely quiet.

I was seen for one commercial for Tetley tea and a television programme for BBC switch and BBC 2 called “The Cut” during the month, neither which turned into a job.

After all the things going on with Mum I felt for the first time in ages really up for the TV interview, I was given the script in advance (which is a rarity), learnt it thoroughly and went to London feeling really confident about the meeting.

There was already a guy waiting (a big bruiser of a fella) and another guy on his way in as I walked into reception, three more guys came in whilst I was waiting for my slot. I don't know about the guys that went in after me but the two guys I have already mentioned were both in the meeting for about 20 minutes and the first guy was asked to stay behind.

I went into the room, no pleasantries as such, just a shaking of hands and was told lets get straight into it and put it on camera (there was a casting director, a producer and a writer/director), I was in and out in about five minutes (not asked to stay behind) and managed to fluff up my lines – I could not believe it. All that planning and preparation and I still messed up!!

I don't know what it is. Am I coming across too confident/not confident enough, am I showing signs of nerves, am I reading it too quickly/slowly. I am at a loss as to where and how I am going wrong. It is a bit like a football striker (centre forward) who is on a bad run of luck and cannot score a goal.

He knows he is a good footballer and he knows he can score goals but when he receives the ball and is bearing down on the goalkeeper, one on one – he dinks it over the bar or puts it wide. That's the only way I can sum it up – I NEED TO SCORE A GOAL!!!

Normally when the goal eventually goes in, the striker is back up and running and the goals come far more frequently – but until that point – NIGHTMARE!!

I am not too bothered about commercials because as I have said before, they are very hit and miss and normally rely on a look rather than specific talent. Television is another matter and when I don't get the job it hits me hard and where it hurts.

Still, although it doesn't make up for these failures it has, as always, been busy in every other aspect of my life, at least I can be busy and successful doing something!

Lets hope that Mays entry can be a little more positive and that elusive goal finally gets scored.

All the best

John x

March 2010

Hi All

It seems that every month I write with continual bad news – and this month offers no respite.

My mind has been elsewhere throughout the month and if truth were known for a while now.

My mother passed away in mid March and it hit us all pretty hard, it is amazing (unless you have experienced it yourself) how it puts things into perspective and what you thought was important yesterday, really means nothing today.

It has really brought home one thing, not only to me but to the girls as well and that is (without sounding too clichéd) that life is precious, we are only here for a visit, so it's important to enjoy each others company, do the things that you want to do today, don't leave it until next week or next month and make the most of every precious second because when the candle goes out – that's it – you're a long time dead.

I don't mean to sound morose or morbid as I feel a whole lot better both personally and professionally and I hope that despite all the trials and tribulations of the last few months, the light I see at the end of the tunnel will become a full on summer BBQ heat wave!!

Anyway, it was lovely to get away with the girls over Easter to sunny climes, warm the bones and RELAX!! – Great food, even better wine and fantastic company with good friends – Matt, Sarah, Jack and Amy (we cannot wait to go away with you all again at Christmas).

Matty, just remember to look after them dags!!! Maaaaaarnnnin!!!!!!

On the sporting front my team looks pretty steady now (up the tractor boys!) and I think we should be safe (nestling in about mid table) for next season. I may treat myself to a season ticket next year – who knows?

I am also sweating on a bet that I placed some time ago (with a very nice payout) which as it stands, looks pretty good – but hey, it's football, so who knows: –

Arsenal will win the Premier league, Tottenham will finish 4th and Burnley will be relegated (sorry Burnley fans!). I will let you know in June's entry!!

Anyway, as always, be good, and I will speak to you again if anything happens throughout April, with a stop press!!

John x