December 2014

Hi Guys

Well, here it is, the final entry of another year and this one brings a close to 2014.

I have had a lovely year, I have been really busy and can look back at some very fond memories.

My thanks to everyone I worked with in 2014, especially the cast, crew and production staff, who made me feel so welcome throughout the summer in the Cotswolds on Father Brown. You would be hard pushed to meet a nicer group of people, including the guest artists, who just made being part of this wonderful show – so special.

For those of you who asked, Father Brown starts transmitting on BBC1 at 2.15 PM on Monday 5th January 2015. It will run for 3 weeks, followed by a repeat run of series 1 and 2 (of which I am in 2 episodes of series 2)

You will know from previous entries that I don't have a big part and I don't have lots to do, however, I am featured in 14 of the 15 episodes (I am not in the episode airing on Thursday the 8th January), with some nice bits and bobs which I hope you enjoy. I make a brief appearance in 1 scene on Monday 12th January and a couple of minor scenes on Thursday 22nd January, apart from that, you'll see me popping up here and there throughout the other episodes. It was a blast to do and as I say, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did working on it.

The big day is nearly upon us, I have food shopping to do and 1 more present to buy, so this year, I'm really ahead of the game, which is rare for me. I don't have a lot of hair, but I need to get that trimmed, my back sorted out as it is in spasm and I need to buy some currency, then I'm all done, ready for Christmas and New Year in the Canary Islands – lovely.

I think this year we are going to keep the food side of Christmas pretty traditional, We will start with a salmon and crayfish cocktail, roast turkey, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted roots, sprouts, cauliflower cheese and gravy, followed by Christmas pudding with brandy sauce and rum cream, then of course (after a sleep), it is all the party food to cook and eat, along with copious amounts of booze.

Boxing day is off to the races as always, hopefully this year, I will bag myself a couple of winners, it would be nice to have a few quid in my back pocket for a change. The next day we fly out to the Canaries for a week in the sun (hopefully) and to celebrate the start of 2015. I have lost about half a stone in the last 2 months, but no doubt that will all go back on again with Christmas and the holiday!

Well, it is time to sign off now, may I take this opportunity to thank all of you who read this section of the website, have yourselves a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous New Year, I look forward to catching up with you in 2015, when I hope in the early part of the year to have total control of the website and you will be able to see all the new clips that have been edited and are awaiting upload, along with clips from series 3 of Father Brown.

Take special care and enjoy yourselves throughout the festive season.

John xxx

November 2014

Hi Guys

Not a lot to write about this month, so I will just let you know that a fuller entry will be available in the month of December – it will be the final diary of the year, so keep an eye out for it.

Until next time

Take special care

John xx

October 2014

Hi Guys

I'm writing this later than I would have liked, as I've been away on holiday and only recently returned.

It's weird because I like to take 4 holidays a year but with my commitment on Father Brown, I have been unable to do that, however, I am managing to fit another week in the sun before the year is out, returning back to the island we've just left (I guess we must like the place), so straight after the Boxing Day festivities (horse racing, food, drink and games etc), we'll fly out for New Year celebrations in sunny climes – lovely.

No work offers or meetings have come in since Father Brown, but that could be down to my holiday dates and Philippa not being able to submit me for things, in case of clashes.

I did pop down to London yesterday though, for a lovely meeting with Jill Green, Francesca and Andy, who were some of the nicest people I've ever met. It makes doing the job a whole lot easier if people are friendly. All too often in this business we meet people who are unkind, unresponsive, uncaring and don't put you at ease, these 3 were totally the opposite and even if nothing comes of it, it was an absolute honour to be called in to read for the West End production of “War Horse”.

Things seem very quiet for me at the moment, it tends to be like this at this time of year, especially in theatre. If you're not doing pantomime, then it's very rare that you'll be working (unless it's West End) as 99% of regional theatres have Christmas shows on, things start getting back to normal again in February, but I can't wait that long.

Hopefully there'll be some television meetings in the coming weeks, I'd like to start getting seen for some really nice stuff, but nothing's happening yet.

I'm thinking of having an overhaul/redesign of the website, it's 7 years old now and probably could do with it, however, some of the companies I'm talking to, want to charge me exorbitant amounts and I'm not prepared to pay it. It will happen, I just need to find someone who's considerably cheaper!

Right, that's it for another month.

Take care

John xx

September 2014

Hi Guys

As I write this September entry, I am coming to the end of Father Brown, which has been part of my life since late April. It's scary to think where time has gone, it seems like yesterday that Tom and I had the opening scene of the whole shoot in glorious sunshine, and we had the whole of the summer to look forward to as well – I'm guessing it's an age thing!

I've loved my time on FB, as I've mentioned previously, I don't have a lot of dialogue and I feature in many scenes where I say nothing at all, however, the cast, crew, locations and production staff make going to work a joy, so it's been a real blast and kept me occupied for a good chunk of the year, now it's time for a well deserved holiday with the girls, then back to the grindstone of trying to secure another job.

Away from work, I had a lovely weekend with the girls in London, we watched the new production of Miss Saigon, ate and drank far too much, but, had a fabulous time. We also managed to catch Billy Elliot Live, which was also fantastic. We've seen both shows several times before, but like a lot of musical theatre, they never seem to tire or lose their magical sparkle, now THAT'S the quality of a top West End show.

My agent and I have discussed the opportunity for me to play Billy's Dad, but things have never quite got going on that front, it's a part I would love to play and a part I think I could do well, maybe we need to start having that conversation again soon.

All my favourite TV shows have drawn to another season close, including Ray Donovan and Banshee, however, Sons of Anarchy is currently airing its final season in the states and I download it every Wednesday after transmission, there's only 7 episodes to go, which is a real shame. The Walking Dead however, starts a new season again shortly, so that's something I will really look forward to. Some of the drama being broadcast via Sky at the moment is immense and of such high quality, you wonder if it can get any better.

Well, that's it for another month, I thought I'd be ahead of the game for a change, as normally the entries are late, I'm off to watch The Riot Club now and then head to the golf range to blast a bucket of balls, before having some lunch. It's nice to be a man of leisure occasionally, but I wouldn't want to be doing it for too long!

Until next time, take care

John xx

August 2014

Hi Guys

Another month has passed and we are racing once again toward Christmas, which to be honest, is really scary.

Work on Father Brown continues, but is starting to draw to a close with the arrival of the last block of scripts (2 episodes) and that's also scary!

It's been a busy month for me socially and I even managed a weekend visit to V festival with my daughter, which was great. I absolutely loved (in no particular order) Bastille, Sam Smith, Kaiser Chiefs, Human League, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, Aloe Blacc and George Ezra.

I felt really old as I walked around because the average age was about 20, but no matter, the old boy did well and was “down with the kids” on occasions.

I also won a couple of races at Windsor, so that was a rarity and visiting the castle was inspiring, rounding off a lovely long weekend in Berkshire.

I'm having real problems with the website, so apologies to those of you who are waiting to look at the new clips, they will be uploaded eventually, but in the meantime, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a little longer. Let's just say differences between the designers and me (Webcreation UK) have reached a stalling point and neither of us are prepared to back down. As always with these things, it's to do with money, I'm sure at some point it will be sorted, please bear with me, it'll be worth the wait (hopefully).

My twitter feed seems to have gone nuts, I have no idea why, but recently I hit over 2000 followers?! It seems to have dropped by a hundred or so but as I write this, there are still over 1800 followers!!

Well, I'm going to get off now as I have to get into work to finish off episode 13, so until next time, take special care.

John xx

July 2014

Hi Guys

As I write this, I'm embarking on a 2-week break from Father Brown, I cannot believe we are 13 weeks in and have 9 episodes completed.

The next block of scripts arrived by email yesterday and I'm so disappointed, because, although I'm in several scenes, I say absolutely nothing, I'm just there, in the background. It is so frustrating and down heartening when you have such a great CV and have done so many things in your career, that you're just in the shot, saying & doing nothing.

The show is so good, the cast are so fabulous and we have such a lovely crew and production team that you don't want to moan or say anything, but, I just wish I had more to do and he developed into a much more mainstream character, like the other regular cast, maybe I should be grateful that I'm working at all and ultimately it's down to the writers, if they don't write the character words and sentences to say, he can't say anything – I'm still gutted though!

Anyway, aside from Father Brown, I've got some great things to look forward to, we are off to the Coronation Street tour, we have a day out at Alton Towers, we have afternoon tea and a visit to Windsor Castle along with some night racing at Windsor races and maybe a few days out in Marbella, if we can get some cheap flights.

The headshots were completed a little while ago and look great, they should be uploaded onto the website shortly. I'm having some issues with my webmasters, but hopefully these will be sorted soon and the new shots, along with some new videos, will be available to view, sooner, rather than later.

For anyone who fancies a sneak peek in advance, here's the link to the headshots


And here's a link to have a look at the new showreel, it's got some great stuff on it, so hopefully you'll like it.


Well. I'm going to shoot off now as I have fish to clean out, a dog to walk, car to clean etc.

Until next time

John xx

May 2014

Hi Guys

Well. I promised you some exciting news and I'm delighted to tell you that I have been asked back onto Father Brown as a series regular for season 3, appearing in all 15 episodes being transmitted in January 2015.

Not only is this a huge honour, but also means I am in work until mid October (now my bank manager, accountant and the man from the inland revenue will be my best friends!)

The producers obviously like the character I play and this season have written him up a bit, so I'm appearing in more scenes with additional dialogue, which is fantastic.

Tom (Chambers) and I have a great onscreen chemistry and the feedback I've had about the scenes we've already shot has been brilliant.

So, there it is, news shared, it's going to be difficult not writing about what I've done already or what I'm working on, but as I'm sure you'll appreciate, I can't say or do anything until the episodes have transmitted.

So, keep checking back for the odd nugget or gem and if I can share anything with you, I will.

Right, I'm off to get some new headshots done by my fabulous photographer Andrew, hopefully they will look more like me than the original ones done in 2010 (4 years older and it's showing!)

Until next time, take care

John xx

April 2014

Hi Guys

Thanks for checking the site.

The May entry will be uploaded towards the end of the month as there is some very exciting news to share with you all.

John x

March 2014

Hi Guys

No news for this month, but thanks for checking the site.

The April entry will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back!

John x