June 2015

Hi Guys

The website has been updated recently, so blogs/diary updates have not been added for a few months.

A new blog/update will be added onto the site in August, so please keep checking back to see when it's been posted.

John x

May 2015

Hi Guys

The website has been updated recently, so blogs/diary updates have not been added for a few months.

A new blog/update will be added onto the site in August, so please keep checking back to see when it's been posted.

John x

April 2015

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Thanks for checking the site.

There is nothing of note to enter this month, please check back and look for the May entry which will be uploaded towards the end of that month.

John x

March 2015

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Thanks for checking the site.

There is nothing of note to enter this month, please check back and look for the May entry which will be uploaded towards the end of that month.

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February 2015

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Thanks for checking the site.

There is nothing of note to enter this month, please check back and look for the May entry which will be uploaded towards the end of that month.

John x

January 2015

Hi Guys

I hope this finds you well after a hectic Christmas, which seems an age ago now.

I had a fabulous time over the festive period, it was a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the holiday however was a bit of a nightmare.

After arriving at the hotel (where we have visited many times before) following a five hour flight, we were greeted by very embarrassed reception staff who told us we would need to contact our rep as a matter of urgency, I knew something was wrong straight away.

To cut a long story short, the contract between the tour operator and the hotel had expired in November and the tour operator had not bothered to tell us. They let us fly out to resort knowing the hotel we had booked was not available and moved us to a different hotel about half a mile away, unfortunately the new hotel was not in the same league as the hotel we normally stay at (think premier league versus Vauxhall conference).

I would not have put my worst enemy in the new hotel and I let them know in no uncertain terms that I was unhappy, suffice to say, we had no option but to stay and we made the best out of a bad situation, as you do.

I tweeted about my experience and contacted the tour operator and after much wrangling and without the need to proceed to court, they refunded the full price of the holiday in its entirety, despite all my moans and groans, you cannot say fairer than that really!

I have had a couple of meetings this month so it was nice to get back into the mix so soon after Christmas, one of them was really good as it also involved my daughter coming along and I was not surprised to see her smash it out of the park, she has got a real talent.

I had so many personal messages via the website and my twitter feed about Father Brown, it was unreal. As I have said in previous months, I did not appear a great deal and I did not have lots of dialogue to get my teeth into, however, the positive remarks and general comments have been fabulous, so to all of you, thank you so much, it means a great deal to me.

I am off to London for a few days shortly to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday (that is frightening) and we have some great things planned – dinner at a couple of celebrity haunts, afternoon tea on a double decker bus with all the sights, the cable car across the Thames, an Indian breakfast (no seriously, it is Chai tea and cinnamon buns followed by an egg & bacon naan with spicy tomato sauce and more naan slathered in ghee and topped with a pineapple and pink peppercorn marmalade – mmm), then it is the walk of death across the glass floor at tower bridge, Spittalfields market and a visit to the Harrods oyster bar. Now I have written this, I realise it is all based around food and drink, oh well, it is a special occasion I guess.

Well I better nip off for a run now so I can pre burn all the calories I will be eating over the next few days, I am not looking forward to it because it is cold, but once I get going I will be fine.

Until next time, take special care

John xxxx

February 2011

Hi Guys

Another month and another diary/blog entry!

It has been an absolutely manic month in February but sadly no work and only one commercial casting for Sharwoods.

It was quite ironic really, as a lot of you will already know, I am a fully qualified chef and cook regularly when I am “in between jobs” or “resting” (which has been a lot over the past few years!), so I thought when they advertised for actors with advanced culinary skills, I would be in with a great shout.

Guess what………nothing, not even a recall!!

I have a bit of history with this type of thing and have been seen over the years for at least 3 or 4 jobs, which needed “real” chefs and have never got the job, as I said, quite ironic, really.

The football is a bit “hit and miss” at the moment, I truly thought a couple of weeks ago that ITFC would be pushing for a play off place (especially after the 6-0 win over Doncaster) but 2 disappointing draws against Barnsley and Hull and losses against QPR and most recently Portsmouth, have not helped in our quest for the holy grail, keep the faith, some of my mates have said – I will, but it is waning!

I spent a really nice weekend in Yorkshire visiting the family, an afternoon at Betty's tearooms and a gorgeous meal at Vivido made for something really memorable. I don't get to see the folks as often as I would like but I will be up there twice more in the coming weeks for the Leeds United game and a family wedding respectively, so they will be seeing rather more of me than usual.

I have just received the Coronation Street 50th anniversary DVD which covers the whole week of the tram crash episodes plus loads of behind the scenes footage and how we created the live episode.

Yours truly can be seen in 3 of the 5 episodes along with bits and bobs of me behind the scenes which includes the read through of the live episode with all the cast.

I am told it's available in most shops and on line, if you're interested it's called “Tram Crash” (well, it would be wouldn't it!!).

My thanks to all the people who have sent me emails over the past month, I don't know why, but there have been loads and I WILL get round to answering them as soon as I can, I PROMISE.

Oh, one other thing. The release date for ‘Blitz’ (the Jason Statham movie I worked on over 2 years ago!) has now been confirmed for May 6th 2011. It is a ‘blink and you’ll miss me’ role (which may well be on the cutting room floor anyway!!). For those of you interested I have put the link below for the films trailer, it actually looks pretty damn good!!


As always, if there's anything of note before the next diary entry in early April, I will add it to this month's entry with a STOP PRESS.

Take care

John x

January 2011

Happy New Year!!

It's always difficult to decide at what point in the year you stop saying this.

Do you say it to people when you see them again for the first time?

That doesn't really work if you only see someone in August and say “happy new year”, you'd look daft.

I think I can just about get it away with it for this entry though.

January has come and gone so here's a little bit about the latter part of December and the month in question….

Gutted is an understatement when it came to the dreadful weather at the back end of December – it disrupted everything, including my beloved horse racing on Boxing Day!

We even had problems getting away to the Red Sea with some lengthy delays and unusually wet and stormy weather whilst we were there – the world is going mad. Still at least we didn't see any white tipped or maco sharks!!

As always, I tend to talk about my love of ITFC and I was gutted when we went out of the league cup against Arsenal at the Emirates, we had taken a 1-0 lead to the London venue and lasted into the early part of the second half, (30 minutes from a dream final at Wembley and a huge payout!) but it wasn't to be.

I am off to Pride Park tonight and hopefully we can get ourselves a win and start to climb the table. I have some great games coming up including a home tie with the enemy in April and an away tie against Leeds in March, both of which will involve making a weekend of it, in the respective locations.

I was seen for a nice part on Law and Order UK but despite doing my very best and it going down to the wire, I lost out to another actor (it boiled down to just me and him, in the end), I am sure he will enjoy working on what is one of my favourite shows currently on the TV.

I think my stats on the website have either corrupted or gone insane, last time I looked there were 24 people who had spent 1 hour plus on the site (and they were unique visitors!), that's surely got to be wrong.

One last thing, if you're in Birmingham on the 26th March, come along and support Equity (the actors union) in their quest to stop huge arts cuts being enforced by government and local councils, by marching peacefully around the city – the more voices, the better – you don't have to be an actor to protest! More details on this event in next month's entry.

Well, until next month, all the very best and take special care

John x

October 2009

Hello again.

Another month has flown by and Christmas is nearly upon us, I cannot believe that it is only 7 weeks away.

Every year gets more difficult – what to buy, what to do and where to go over the festive period. I am sure as the time approaches the mists in my mind will clear and as usual we will have a fantastic time.

Work wise it has been exceptionally quiet, no meetings/castings or auditions in October but it tends to get a bit like this at this time of year.

We have a release date for the film that my daughter was involved in. “Nativity” opens nationwide on the 27th November, it is highly unlikely you will see her but we may be lucky and get a “blink and you’ll miss me” scene. Whatever happens she is very excited and we have something very special planned for her when the film opens – I am sure she will love it!!.

There is a trailer available which makes me laugh every time I see it, especially the X factor/Britain's got Talent scene, I have high hopes that it will be a really good film and it will be one for the DVD collection when it is released.

If you want to have a look at the trailer you can view it by cutting and pasting the link below – make sure you click on the pause button before the film starts to allow it to fully buffer or it will keep stopping and starting…….. enjoy !!!


Or try the same clip on You Tube if you fancy…….


She has been a busy little bee having just come back from the Junior European club swimming championships in Belgium.

Her club were the only team from this country – so in all her races it said representing GBR, I was so proud !!

There were teams from all over Europe including Belgium, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who who made her feel safe, welcome and loved whilst she was away from home.

Anyway, enough of the rambling, I am off to watch the “Nativity” trailer again !!!!!!!!!!

Be good

John xx

September 2009

Hi Guys

As I write this I am firmly ensconced in the Virgin lounge at Euston station and thought I might as well make this entry whilst I wait for my train back home.

August was a strange month to say the least but I think we finally sorted out the problem with the hacker (see last months entry!) and fingers crossed have managed to shut and bolt the back door that he was gaining access by.

I completed filming on “Blitz” which was a job that I really didn’t enjoy – for a number of reasons.

It would be unethical of me and extremely unprofessional to state the exact nature of why I did not enjoy working on the film so we will draw a line through the project and say no more, just one thing though – the other actors who worked with me will know exactly what I am talking about and they too had the same (if not stronger) feelings as me.

I had a meeting for Eastenders, it was a fantastic part that was over four episodes, the character was called “Isaacs” and I would have loved to have been offered it but it was not to be for whatever reason. It was the first time that I have ever left a meeting and thought “I couldn’t have read that any better”.

Who knows why actors don’t get roles? Suffice to say, although I was bitterly disappointed, I know I gave it my all and the role has obviously gone to someone who was more suited to it than me – these things happen.

I also auditioned for the BBC drama “Hustle” which didn’t exactly go to plan either – a long arduous trip to London (where I am now writing this) for 2 lines (one out of shot) that I have not a hope in hell of being offered.

I knew it was only 2 lines but I was banking on them to let me read for a slightly bigger, more meatier role – I asked if I could read for something/anything else and was told in no uncertain terms …….NO!!!!!

I have a great CV and loads of experience but even now when you get the knock backs it is bloody hard to deal with and as I get older the kicks in the teeth hurt more and more and become even harder to take.

For those of you not in the business – imagine going to strings of interviews on a regular basis, knowing you are perfect for the job, excelling at the interview, getting positive feedback about how well you did and then being told – “sorry, not on this occasion”

I think I need another holiday ………

Be good and thanks for all the emails and I will do my best to answer these in the next 7-10 days.

Until next time

John x