December 2018

Hello Everyone

Well, it’s that time of year when I write a summary of whats been going on in 2018.

It has been a hard year from a personal perspective, with a couple of injuries which I’ve struggled to recover from, some family bereavement and major concerns about family members health and wellbeing, so it hasnt been great.

Away from all that, it was a great year doing Father Brown (more to follow) and a guest lead on BBC One playing Robert Hutton in Doctors. I also had a meeting for a major feature film starring Mel Gibson and Colin Farrell, which sadly I didnt get, it was a shame as Id have loved to have been part of that.

2018 was also the year of my 50th birthday and I was spoilt rotten with a long weekend in London doing loads of different things, and a major birthday surprise present – a trip to Bangkok and Phuket.

I’ve never travelled to the Far East before and it was just amazing, I found everything about the place fascinating, and along with the weather, the food was some of the best I’ve ever eaten. The only downside are the lengthy flights which you need to take to get you there – I don’t like being cooped up on a plane for lengthy periods so it was not ideal, however, the holiday more than made up for it and we had a fantastic time.

And so to this year’s Father Brown.

We were SO lucky with the glorious weather we had this year, being on the show is a joy anyway but to film in warm, bright sunshine (sometimes too hot actually) was wonderful. I hope this translates to the screen with all the natural sunshine and light on show – especially with the rambling episode.

Sgt Goodfellow has once again been given increased involvement with a couple of episodes where he is heavily featured. It is so good to see his journey evolving and it was the first year of doing the show, where I really felt involved and a fully paid up member of the cast – I thing the Sgt has earned his stripes now.

Everything about the show is wonderful, from the scripts to the guest actors and the crew to the production staff, everyone works so hard both in front of the camera and behind the scenes to make each episode as good as it can possibly be, we say it every year – but this could be the best series yet.

For fans of Sgt Goodfellow (and I know there are a lot of you), I think you’ll enjoy his involvement this year, he has plenty to do in 2 episodes (Friday 11th Jan and Monday 14th Jan), but has only one line in another 2 episodes as there’s no real involvement from a police perspective, he also has various scenes, popping in and out during the other 6 episodes, which were fun.

If you’d like to get a bit more information on the new series and you haven’t read the press release yet, you can read it here and learn a bit more about Sgt Goodfellow “being placed in grave danger”.

Finally I want to thank the hundreds of you who make contact with me by my website, or on Twitter and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind things you say about me and my alter ego, the comments are always humbling to read and they make it even more of an honour for me to play such a great character.

May I also take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful 2019, I hope you really enjoy the new series.

Much love

John x