December 2019

Hi Guys

Well, better late than never I guess, my apologies this wasnt up on the site sooner.

Another year has flown by and with it another series of Father Brown, if youre reading this, then you may have already seen series 8 in its entirety and I really hope you enjoyed the 10 brand new episodes we made for you.

I get so many emails, letters and tweets from all over the world with such kind comments about Sgt Goodfellow, it never ceases to amaze me. From the USA to the Philippines, Germany to Brazil, Hawaii to Japan and the UK to Italy (plus many, many more) they just keep flooding in. Ive said this on so many occasions, its really humbling for me that you like the character and the way hes portrayed. Hes a joy to play and long may it continue.

We started filming a little later in 2019, the summer was a bit hit and miss with the weather it threw at us – unlike the previous year when we had glorious sunshine every day we were at work. This series we had jesters, Flambeau, artists, canal barges, fashion shows, courtroom scenes, fortune tellers and lots more something for everyone, as always it was great fun working with the other regulars on a daily basis and being blessed once again with some fabulous guest artists and the best crew and production team anyone could ask for.

There will be some changes this year (2020) as theres going to be a spin off series called The Sister Boniface Mysteries which will have a lot of the same crew as ours. Because well be filming at the same time, people cant be in two places at once, so I think well lose some key (and extremely valuable) members of our long established team as they look at pastures new and continue their great work on other projects. Its a shame but as they say – time stands still for no one, it will create a different dynamic this time around, which Im sure well all embrace.

We start filming series 9 in mid April with all 5 of the regular cast confirmed and signed up. If youre in the area or planning a visit, keep an eye out for trucks, camera vans or those famous pink signs, theyre usually a big giveaway that were around and possibly filming somewhere. Most locations are locked off so there is no public access, but you can always try the church in Blockley you never know who you may spot if we happen to be filming there that day.

Anyway, Ill sign off now. Thanks again for all your support and love. Its never taken for granted and is really appreciated.

Much love.

John xxx