February 2016

Hi Guys

Well, that month flew by, talk about a whirlwind.

I was offered the guest lead on an episode of the BBC daytime drama “Doctors”.

I really enjoyed it because it was well written and quite dramatic. Obviously I can't say anything about the storyline, but it's a good one, I believe it will transmit on the 25th April 2016, keep an eye out for it, but I'm pretty confident of the date.

I shot my part over a couple of days, which was quite intense as the shoot schedule is pretty tight and there was a lot to do. It's quite nice sometimes being part of something that is so fast, as you have to just hit the ground running and get on it with it.

I also got told that I'd been selected for jury service, it's not something I've ever fancied doing, but now I've resigned myself to the fact, I'm quite looking forward to it.

I have a holiday booked next month, so it'll be nice to get away for a weeks break before things start to get a little crazy, I like to be busy with things in life, but not so busy that it's off the scale!

Well, I better crack on, so until next time

John xxx