October 2015

Hi Guys

A very quiet month for me in October, which I have to say I hate.

I did manage to get away for a week to Cyprus though, although the weather wasn’t great it was nice to relax and kick back a bit just reading books and exploring the island. It's been a long time since I last visited and so much has changed (not for the better either), I won’t be returning now because it has become very touristy and over developed which is a shame as that was the main reason I used to visit – peace, tranquillity and local culture, all of which seem to have gone “up the swanny”.

I managed to get a little self tape in before I left for Happy Valley 2, but I wasn’t that pleased with it, for some reason I looked huge in the clip, which I’m not, they say the camera never lies, but that's a lie in itself!

Anyway, suffice to say I heard nothing back which I’m glad about in a way, for personal reasons.

I finally finished off the BBC job “Lawful Killing” by going back to London and spending a few hours in front of a camera conducting interviews and comments about the programme – a bit like a “behind the scenes” piece, which was fun, I’ll have to wait (like you) now for it to be transmitted so I can see how it was all edited together, my thanks to everyone at Acme Films for making me feel so welcome, I hope it turns out brilliantly for you all.

Well, that's it, I said it was quiet, hopefully I’ll have more to report next month.

Until next time.

John xx