September 2015

Hi Guys

Another month has flown by and as I write this entry for September, we are already into October.

It's probably because I’m getting older, but the months are flying by in double quick time, even though a 24 hour day is exactly what it says – 24 hours!

My holiday to Cyprus is looming, so in a week or so I shall be flying out to this beautiful island to warm my bones, drink lots of local beer and read many books, I don’t think I've looked forward to a holiday as much because it's been a real busy year for me, apart from a few days in Tenerife back in June, that's it, so I need this break and cannot wait.

Work has now finished on the 4th series of Father Brown which means once it has transmitted in January, I will have been involved in 27 episodes, which is quite frightening.

I've enjoyed my time on Father Brown and had some moments of real fun bringing Sgt Goodfellow to life, I hope those of you who watch the show enjoyed my interpretation, although he only pops up occasionally and does a bit here and there, I like to think he adds something to the overall mix.

A number of Twitter followers from the USA and UK (who don’t know me personally) have written some lovely things about Goodfellow, so I thought I’d share a few with you as they’re quite touching ……

• Father Brown works because its character equation is well balanced. Without Sgt Goodfellow it will be a wheel with a missing spoke.

• Sgt Goodfellow would be a fun addition to FB's Scooby gang if he ever left the police.

• The scene in Father Brown where he tries to warn the ladies about the motorcycle & Sgt Goodfellows local knowledge were the best.

• I hope we’ll see Sgt Goodfellow in series 4 of Father Brown, his character has been my favourite of the police.

• Would love to see Sgt Goodfellow helping FB investigate something without the inspector knowing.

• I have to admit I did laugh at the scene where Sullivan & Sgt Goodfellow bet on FB, do they bet on the killer as well?

• As for Sgt Goodfellow, he should take his inspectors exams, become head of Kembleford police & enjoy working with Father Brown.

• The Owl of Minerva was wonderful, just wonderful, loved Sgt Goodfellow saving the day.

And far too many more, so to all of you, thank you x

I must also thank the team at BBC Birmingham, in particular Will, Caroline, Jonathan and Trudy, along with all the directors, cast and crew for making me feel so welcome.

Away from FB I have just completed a new BBC primetime drama entitled “Lawful Killing”, I can’t say too much about it, other than what's on the internet if you Google it, but as and when details are released, I’ll share the news with you, it’ll be gripping, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Things are bedding in nicely with my new agents, I've been seen for 3 jobs and converted 1 of them, so it's very encouraging. I said in a recent email to my agent that I was really excited about the future and our relationship. Whether things start to happen next week, next month, next year or beyond, I have total faith in him and the way he is going to steer the next stage of my career, I really hope I’ll be able to share news of lots of different projects that I will be involved with from now on.

Well, that's it for another month, take special care, I’ll speak to you again in the October entry.

John xx